Mileage degrading ?

Mileage degrading ?

I bought a M3 standard range plus, so 250 mile range. I took delivery at the end of June. I only drive about 25 miles per day and I haven’t done many long trips so it’s usually set to charge to 90% almost all the time. I just put it to 100% for a long trip but the most I can get out of a full charge is 226 miles!! Surely there’s a problem with my battery as I understood it should not lose Range this quickly!? I’ve booked a service but wondering if there is anything else I can try to get back lost miles on a full charge? Thanks in advance!

FISHEV | 2019年11月9日

Probably not a problem. The last update 2019.32.x.x messed with the Rated Range. It reduced range about 3-5% as near as best testers can figure. It also messed with how Rated Range is reported, including more of the driver history which was (and should be) Estimated Range, a number you can only see if get 3rd party apps like StatsApp for Tesla.

StatsApp has a nice battery degradation curve on it so you see what the car thinks is the battery degradation. This is my degradation curve after 10,000 miles. Probably typical. StatsApp also has an app that compares your car to all other Model 3's on battery degradation and you can see if you are an outlier or a member of the pack.

Tesla says 10% range loss first year and 15% range lose in total by second year is "within normal limits" and bottom line is 30% over eight years. Those are the extreme lows that few see.