SOC from 77% to 69% overnight at 24 degrees F

SOC from 77% to 69% overnight at 24 degrees F

Got back yesterday at midnight, didn't mind plugging in because I can charge at work
Since it was late and the charger was in the frunk from charging at work, I left the car unplugged and was surprised to see the SOC 8% lower this morning after only 10 hours just from being outside in the backyard at 24F.

In the owner manual it says not to leave the car outside below -4F more than 24 hours straight. Well, in Northern Quebec it will unavoidably happen.
It will be interesting to see the battery survival in the very few February freezing -40F nights and extremely windy days.

Wolfsbane | 2019年11月9日

I would be interested in seeing how the battery handles the cold weather. Keep us updated. Thanks.

bp | 2019年11月9日

Do you recall what the internal cabin temp was when you got in the car?

gparrot | 2019年11月9日

Where in Northern Qc: Chibougamau? Sept-Iles?

Maxxer | 2019年11月9日


Bighorn | 2019年11月9日

It says -4F now in the manual?! It used to be around -25F. Doubt this range loss has anything to do with temperature. More likely Sentry mode or summon standby. Those have been the big culprits lately. It's my 7th winter in WY. It handles the cold just fine. Better than cars that need to cold crank a starter and won't turn over at -20F.

gparrot | 2019年11月9日

That was probably a typo, the manual still says -22ºF.

Rutrow 3 | 2019年11月9日

Not unusual for mine to drop 8~10% on cold nights, but if I leave it until it warms up in the afternoon, I get back almost all of the "lost" range. I've witnessed my range increasing while I drive (not regen-ing)

Bighorn | 2019年11月9日

In those circumstances, do you see the snowflake that partitions off a small section of the battery icon as recoverable energy?