Why does Standard Range get only 205miles at 100%?

Why does Standard Range get only 205miles at 100%?

When fully charged the SR is supposed to get 220miles.
What's going on?

r3hxn | 2019年11月15日

Are you using aircon / heater etc. Driving aggressively, in sport, not making use of Regen braking as much ?

r3hxn | 2019年11月15日

tail wind, head wind, motorway driving vs local driving ?

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 2019年11月15日

Rarely see people complain about not getting promised MPG on ice car. Do they think it is different for EV? Your driving style plus all other factors mentioned above effects you efficiency and in the end computer calculates your range based on past stats. Got model 3 on Sunday and charged to 100 it was 310 miles range. We will see what's the number will be after week of driving interestate and local roads.

stingray.don | 2019年11月15日

First, you need to clarify if you are talking about actual range or the range estimate provided by the battery gauge. Actual range is based on many factors including driving style, weather conditions, tire pressure, etc. estimated range is just that - an estimate. If the gauge is reporting 205 miles at 100% SOC, you have some battery degradation and/or the BMS is slightly miscalculating your range. Either way, the estimate will not likely be your actual range.

moyseyneil | 2019年11月15日

Not sure if people are misinterpreting the question?
Do you mean that when you are charging, the maximum amount of charge, when the charging automatically stops, is only 205Miles?

Smalm | 2019年11月15日

I’m sure OP is asking why the guessometer shows 205 miles when charged to 100%. There are countless posts on this topic. I’m in the same boat, I have an SR+ with 226 at 100%. Some with LR models indicates it fluctuates and will go up and down. Not my experience with SR+ has never once jumped up although it has seemed to now be constant for the past month, meaning not continuing to go down. I have done the run it down to 10% and charge to 100% 3 times with no change. Some will say it has to do with the way you drive, but again not my experience as my wh/m average has gone from 250+ down to 234 lifetime. So, what is it? It could be a software issue that is being worked on, I.e. miscalculation of BMS. Or it could be actual battery degradation. Tesla reports 1% per 1K miles is within range and I have > 6K miles. The guessometer is really a constant wh/m * estimated capacity of battery. For me that constant appears to be 220. Tesla could adjust the constant down to make everyone who is wondering what is going on happier to reflect 240, but it won’t affect what actual range you will obtain as that has to do with driving style, terrain, wind, speed, HVAC, etc. Of course some SR+ owners (and LR) still seem to be getting 240, so I get why people start obsessing over it. For me I never have range anxiety and I enjoy the car too much to worry about it. Plenty of time for a warranty issue if there is any real issues with it.