My Model 3 Performance is my 6th EV, and I love it.
But, my first 2 RAV4EV's had a wonderful range of regen settings, including my favorite, which was NO REGEN, or "freewheeling".

In an EV, with the high inertia of the battery, it is really fun to drive on the freeway with no regen; the car just keeps going.
I realize it isn't as energy efficient but it is really fun. I've heard the new Porsche Taycan EV will have a freewheeling setting, which makes sense.

Might we expect this option for the 3?

WEST TEX EV | 2019年11月15日

Not option you are describing but:
You can go to NEUTRAL. push up gently and hold right stalk (1 full second or so)

I agree REGEN OFF might be a user choice. ESP to help ease transition from ICE.

rsingh05 | 2019年11月15日

There’s a low regen setting to help ease the transition. I never used it myself. My wife used it for thirty minutes, then selected standard regen and never looked back.

Varricks | 2019年11月18日

Good lord, please don't coast on the road.

cmdred | 2019年11月20日

Yeah going to Neutral makes me nervous. That's different than REGEN off. With Regen off you still can accellerate and brake. For Highway driving I even wonder if regen is that productive... you want to keep going fast and regen puts negative friction on the system. I would think at highway speeds regen off is more efficient. But it is certainly more fun!