When do I get version 36.2.1?

When do I get version 36.2.1?

When do I get software version 36.2.1? My car says I have the latest update and it is version 32.12.7...

I live in Scottsdale Arizona

Bighorn | 2019年11月17日

It’s not a Raven, I suspect.

dkathrina323 | 2019年11月19日

Actually I don't have any idea about that. But I too had the same problem with my car. But it is automatically changed. Now I have no problem. You just contact tesla customer care. They can help you. Tell them what is your problem.

Redmiata98 | 2019年11月19日

I got 36.2.1 last night for my 2016 X. I live in Northern Virginia.

jimglas | 2019年11月19日

36.2.1 now out to 70% of the tesla fleet

Uncle George | 2019年11月19日

Just got it on my 75D. All I need to do now is get to a WiFi.

erikgraham | 2019年11月19日

I used the Tesla app to schedule a service appointment, choosing “Software Update” from the list of possible problems. I selected a date and time for my service appointment, but later that day I got a text message from Tesla saying they had pushed an update to my car. I went and checked, and sure enough, the update had occurred. (Once I responded to the text that the update has worked, they canceled my service appointment)