Clicking sound in audio system

Clicking sound in audio system

Today our Model 3 sound system starting a random, periodic ticking noise--regard;less of audio source.

Ideas? Cause? Fix?

VERY irritating--and sound is a big part of driving!

John in Red Zen

jimglas | 2019年11月18日

Try a scroll wheel reboot of your car

gmr6415 | 2019年11月18日

It's been a random issue ever since we got ours. Some updates seem to fix it, and then the next update seems to bring it back.

lbowroom | 2019年11月18日

It's accompanied by a phase shift in the audio, where it sounds like the point source of sound moves, right?

Happened regularly a year ago, went away, and now is back on the latest build for me.

laurc02 | 2019年11月19日

I've got this olso, and is happening on Youtube playback mainly. This is the first time for me.

AZTesla | 2019年11月19日

Ya, I've got those clicks in Youtube videos, too. Seems to be a new phenomenon. I'll try the reboot, but I think I recently did a therapeutic reboot, so not too optimistic that that will fix it.

sromanos34 | 2019年11月19日

Ours sounds like the sound goes out in the passenger front speaker then comes back. Weirdly enough it mostly only happens in the morning. Contacted Tesla and they said to just do a reboot. We’ve done 3 reboots bc it was caused by latest update. It’s still there tho. I’m concerned there’s something else to it.

jfaubl | 2019年11月19日

This has happened to me in the latest firmware. There is a click and audio only comes out of L speaker for half a second. Has happened maybe 10 times in the last week since I got the update. Hopefully Tesla is aware and it will be fixed soon.

laurc02 | 2019年11月20日

I've tried soft than har reboot a few times and it dosen't do any good. Hopefully they will fix it with a new update.