Using Spotify

Using Spotify

Any instructions? Sound quality is perfect I just can’t figure out how to save stations. I upgraded to premium.

numrich | 2019年11月19日

There have been 3 or 4 prior threads addressing various issues with the recently added Spotify, but none that I have seen that have really spelled out exactly what issues you are likely to face and the best (if any) ways to fix. With regard to your specific question on Stations, for me a few so-called 'stations' appear in my library but not in the folder Tesla calls Stations but rather just as playlists. Not sure if these are static collections or if they eventually update. Sorry, but with all the Spotify issues I have experienced I'm not even sure exactly how I saved these as my Tesla library does not coincide with my PC/phone Spotify library.

But here is an important catch. What will appear in your Tesla library under 'Stations' will be a station auto-created anytime you request for a specific song to be played. It works a bit differently than when we only had Slacker with now a screen comes up and if you look under 'songs' you likely will see the song you requested. But then a 'Station' will show up with the song name that will consist of similar songs from then genre but not specific to the same artist.