Getting HW3 next Wednesday!

Getting HW3 next Wednesday!

Woot! Received a call from my mobile-tech and he says I'm in group #1 - made an appt for HW3 upgrade next Wednesday.

vmulla | 2019年11月20日

Please post your pics of HW3 visualization on the Model 3

spuzzz123 | 2019年11月20日

This is a model 3, right CST? (just to distinguish from Model S, X HW3 upgrades -- I know someone in this forum was talking it up earlier and turns out they had a model S)

CST | 2019年11月20日

Yes, Model 3, RWD LR June 2018 build.

SamO | 2019年11月20日

WTF . . . I purchased FSD for my Model 3 in 2017. Gimme some of that sweet sweet upgrade meat. I'm still bitter that I can't get into the Early Access Program as outlined by EM on twitter.


hokiegir1 | 2019年11月20日

@CST - Did you get FSD at purchase, or did you add it on later?

teslamazing | 2019年11月20日

Is there any current benefit in installing HW3 atm ?

Mike UpNorth_ | 2019年11月20日


PTdenver | 2019年11月20日

where are you located? Ca I assume

-TheJohn- | 2019年11月20日

Howard is getting nervous.

CST | 2019年11月20日

Purchased FSD during the $2k deal, located in the Bay Area.

spuzzz123 | 2019年11月20日

What is Howard getting nervous about?

Effopec | 2019年11月20日

I've got a remote service appt next week for a couple of other things. I added "install FSD computer" to the list on the service app & haven't gotten a response that they won't do it then. Fingers crossed, but not holding my breath.

SteveWin1 | 2019年11月20日

@CST, Did you request an upgrade, or they just contacted you out of the blue?

JAD | 2019年11月20日

I am torn, Elon recently said the hardware 2.0-2.5 software is still better and more refined, but I also don't want to miss out waiting for the hardware when the 3.0 software makes a leap forward....

teslamazing | 2019年11月20日

Cones? That’s it ?

CST | 2019年11月20日

@SteveWin1 - I asked about it during my mobile service yesterday, and the tech said that they don't do those upgrades except at a service center. He did offer to check if my vehicle was on the list and called me the next day to make an appointment.

jnguyen_63 | 2019年11月20日

If I see cones on construction road HW3 or HW2.5 build 5/2019.

Mike UpNorth_ | 2019年11月20日


That's all I've read/heard so far....I mean, if its a faster computer maybe maps and routes/nav load faster? I haven't heard that mentioned though

Effopec | 2019年11月20日

And just like that I got a text from Tesla service saying that my car "is not yet in an eligible group to receive the hardware upgrade". They also said that there is currently no way to know when it will be upgraded, and no need to contact Tesla for the upgrade. I just figured since it was going for service anyway, couldn't hurt to ask...

Effopec | 2019年11月20日

They also added apply dual motor badge and replace charge port insulation pins, which I assume is a recall. I've been debating whether I actually want the dual motor badge - I guess I need to make up my mind.

ADinM3 | 2019年11月20日

@Mike UpNorth, HW3 is completely unrelated to maps/navigation compute system.

EVRider | 2019年11月20日

Elon said that for now HW2.5 might be more reliable than HW3 because the software has been "refined" for HW2.5. Other than the ability for the car to detect and visualize traffic cones, you don't get anything if you upgrade to HW3 now, so don't feel like you're missing out, especially if HW2.5 might be better in some cases.

You also have to consider this: what if you upgrade to HW3 now, but down the road Tesla releases an updated computer, let's call it HW3+, because of a design flaw, limitation, or bug in HW3. There's no guarantee the free HW3 upgrade you got by buying FSD gets you a second free upgrade to HW3+, unless the issue prevents FSD from working completely on HW3. On the other hand, if you're still on HW2.5, you'll get the latest version of HW3+ when it's time to upgrade.

rxlawdude | 2019年11月20日

"There's no guarantee the free HW3 upgrade you got by buying FSD gets you a second free upgrade to HW3+,"

Quibble. If the owner purchased FSD, that entitles him/her to whatever hardware changes Tesla has to make to deliver the promised product. Implied warranty, and warranty of merchantability would be the legal bases.

SamO | 2019年11月20日

+1 rxlawdude

If you buy FSD you get whatever is needed upgraded. | 2019年11月20日

FSD is not well defined. I expect the first version will have a number of limitations/restrictions. If better hardware is required to reduce some of these limitations, I'm not sure Tesla is on the hook to keep upgrading hardware for the next 50 years for free. They may not even be on the hook to do it during the warranty period. Currently, they've only agreed to upgrade the processor to HW3.0 (which we presume is enough for FSD, as loosely defined.).

gballant4570 | 2019年11月20日

Wow. Maybe the fire sale customers are getting some sort of priority? I was one of those..... but I suspect location has more to do with it. More customers concentrated in Cal.

RES IPSA | 2019年11月20日

I scheduled a mobile appointment for 11/25 a few days ago for HW3 upgrade from my LR RWD Model 3. July 2018 build. Purchased FSD for 2k in April 2019.

I have not gotten a cancellation notice yet for my appointment

Mike UpNorth_ | 2019年11月20日


My guess was 100% speculation.
But what makes you sure a computer chip upgrade won't make everything run better/faster/smoother?

Just curious as I have no idea.

RichardKJ | 2019年11月20日

@CST "Purchased FSD during the $2k deal, located in the Bay Area."

Me too. Also a June 2018 build. Just waiting for my call.

SalisburySam | 2019年11月20日

Also 06/18 LR RWD with EAP/FSD at purchase. Crickets from Tesla.

RayNLA | 2019年11月21日

If you see cones and have the latest software 2019.36.2 then yes you have HW3.

kevin_rf | 2019年11月21日

So, question for when they do the upgrade.

Since they are changing the computer, do the trip odometers get reset?

Many of us have been using them to track lifetime energy consumption.

LostInTx | 2019年11月21日

CST, I know of one 3 owner in Houston who received the HW3 upgrade and found he had to reset all his driver profiles, HomeLink, etc, as if the car was just off the line. The tech at the time told him they'd figure out a way to transition existing settings at upgrade time.

WIll be interested to know your experience with this.

richardls | 2019年11月21日

@RESIPSA, unfortunately, and based on my own experience a few weeks ago, I predict a cancellation the day before your appointment. It seems these updates are taking place, but if you're on the currently eligible list you should get a notice from them, if you're not, the policy seems to be wait until you are. Thus, it seems the the only way that scheduling yourself will work is if you are on the current list and they hadn't yet alerted you.

That said, hopefully, your millage will vary and you'll have 3.0 soon.

jnguyen_63 | 2019年11月21日

Thank, see cones on display at constructions site LR AWD software 2019.36.2.1.

RES IPSA | 2019年11月21日

@richardls... I have heard that your accounting of the process is correct. I just thought I would give it a try as I have have heard others have been successful with just scheduling an appointment. And yes, those people who schedule an appointment may already be on the list for the HW3 upgrade.

rxlawdude | 2019年11月21日

@Ttap, certainly the obligation isn't forever. But Tesla will have to create "FSD Plus" or some such and market it separately to avoid committing themselves to upgrade FSD forever.

The question is, at what point is FSD feature complete? Remember the robotaxi commitment, implying Level 4 or 5, on existing leased M3s? | 2019年11月21日

@rxlawdude - Great question "when feature complete". Elon expects that to happen in the next couple of months, but feature complete doesn't mean it is released, nor does it state what limitations will be in place. From a regulatory issue, it must have steering nags until approved by DMV. That could be a year or two (or more). It's also likely to be different in every state/country. I understood the context when Elon stated feature-complete as an internal goal, but it's now often been stated by posters as if it's something owners will get. That's still another year away, although perhaps some portions will be released early.

WantMY | 2019年11月21日

you will be getting HW100 by the time FSD would be allowed on Tesla, lol

bcb2220 | 2019年11月21日

I'm getting mine swapped out to HW3 next Wednesday too.

ccrandal | 2019年11月23日

Just wondering if any of you who are getting the swap out are part of the early access program, and thats why youre getting it?

SalisburySam | 2019年11月23日

Does anyone know if upgrading from 2.5 to 3.0 hardware will affect 3rd-party data trackers like, in my case, TeslaFi? We know they work with 3.0 vehicles, but is any data lost or no longer used in trending analysis?

mferrazano | 2019年11月23日

Typical Tesla: requested HW3 install for my Performance Model 3 build date July 2018 and this is the response

Good afternoon, Thank you for making an appointment with the Sunnyvale Tesla service center. Please be advised the hardware 3 is not available for your Model X currently at this time. It will be available in the near future, but there is no ETA as of right now, thank you very much for your time!!! We will also send you and e-mail with the same information. If you have any questions please contact your local Tesla service center as they will not see any responses the this message. Have a great day!

They can't even get the model correct. I am in the Bay Area and purchased FSD at configuration.

richardls | 2019年11月25日

@RESIPSA, did they confirm for today? Did you get the upgrade?

M3phan | 2019年11月27日

Hey CST, it’s Wednesday! Did your appointment hold up?

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年11月27日

It is only 7:30 am out here right now.

But we are waiting to here about this CST, inquiring minds.................

M3phan | 2019年11月27日

.....need to know. : )
Pics maybe? I know a Canadian dude couldn’t video the install but pics were allowed.
How long to install hw and then how long to load up the sw?
Driving: any noticeable difference apart from traffic cones visualized?

joe | 2019年11月27日

I also requested the upgrade appointment but had it cancelled with a text from SC that my M3 wasn't yet eligible. M3 LR RWD delivered April 2018.

CST | 2019年11月27日

They took it today and want it overnight. Gave me a S70D to go home in. I'm hoping they keep it over the long weekend so I can take the S skiing on Sunday :) Berkeley SC seems to keep the cars inside, so I'm not too worried about letting them keep it.

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年11月27日

Cool! So they are open tomorrow?