Solar opportunity for truck / camping / glamping

Solar opportunity for truck / camping / glamping

I'm not talking about panels on the roof or carrying panels around for daily use.

With the truck having the ability to also charge other devices via 110 and 220, it seems like there is an opportunity here for a deployable solar power system perhaps in the 1-2kW range such as for a trickle charge while camping and otherwise off grid like a remote job site for several days.

Advantages vs current systems on the market:
Truck has a huge battery, so no need for a battery such as the goal zero type systems
Truck has the inverter to charge other devices
Truck has a bed to carry a somewhat large amount of panels

If it could receive a DC charge at a variable rate (clouds passing over the sun for example), could possibly draw 1000-2000 watts while the sun is out. Plenty to offset charging up the ATV over a few days (or a jet ski please!), cooking, powering a small popup or tiny home without eating too deep into the truck's range for the return trip.

Deployable solar is common on RVs. So basically something similar to that, but leveraging the built in battery and inverters.

andy.connor.e | 2019年11月22日

I think that if the battery is large enough, it should last you days no problem with whatever you are doing. Portable solar array would allow truly off grid mobility which i myself like the idea of. But if this battery size is around 100kWh for the 500+mile range or larger, that is literally half the amount of electricity i use in my house for a month. Should be more than enough to handle whatever you're doing remotely for days.

Clayton214 | 2019年11月22日

I suspect the 500+ range is more than 100kwh. Maybe 130-150? Raven S is 370 range and presumably lighter than the truck (could be wrong)

Clayton214 | 2019年11月22日
SamO | 2019年11月22日

And an unlimited opportunity for off-grid building. V2B, V2G, backup power in lieu of generator.

The list goes on. Tesla has it. Neither Ford, GM nor Rivian have it.

andy.connor.e | 2019年11月22日

Thats it. Tesla truck is the one

jgstaygold | 2019年11月22日

Solar roof/cover is a game changer.

TabascoGuy | 2019年11月22日

@andy +100

That didn't take you nearly as long as I though it would.

andy.connor.e | 2019年11月22日

This is going to be perfect. Im getting the solar roof, then the tesla truck which in and of itself is a powerwall UPS backup. I dont see how its anything but perfect.

crt6598 | 2019年11月23日

Just pre-ordered the Dual motor AWD Cybertruck. As soon as I saw the self leveling suspension, retractable bed cover, tailgate ramp, range, and price in the reveal, I was sold. This truck is a game changer plus an optional solar array for charging?, WHAT!.

Thank goodness for forward thinkers like Elon. Hopefully retractable running boards, front and rear d-rings, and room for a winch will make the options list.

Ross1 | 2019年11月23日

Yeah but.
What happens when you have been out camping, using the MC battery, and then there is not enough range to limp home? I guess you start camping again, until the little solar panel gives you enough charge to fire up the truck (MC).
Like, another week?

SamO | 2019年11月23日

15-30 miles per day. With solar wings could be more.

nipper2 | 2019年11月23日

Just read on Teslarati Tesla adds solar panels to Cybertruck for daily range boosts

boomer45 | 2019年11月23日

I would like to be able to use the Cybertruck Battery as a power wall for my home when there is a power outage. Backfeed 220V to my home circuit panel.

sbeggs | 2019年11月23日

Me, too.
I like your forum name btw.

BadgerErickson | 2019年11月25日

Yes, HUGE game changer all around; drive to work, unfold the panels, charging while I'm at work or in the field. WE have been waiting for this for several years now, or a diesel hybrid from Toyota or VW/Audio. TY Mr. Musk, we support you and yours!

Ehninger1212 | 2019年11月25日

This is gonna be insane!! This will be my one and only option if its expensive. I would only ever need to charge on trips or extended days of cloudy weather. current daily commute less than 15 miles :D

BadgerErickson | 2019年11月26日

Ditto 1212, my one option, both of the levels in what I believe will beat tonneau cover and the flip open panels.

morgantiron | 2019年12月4日

I suggest just calculate the cost of installing a home solar farm?

morgantiron | 2019年12月6日

I found only this article about solar panels [url][/url]

BadgerErickson | 2019年12月8日

We already plan to park it outdoors everywhere; work, home, in the field. If it's daylight, it'll be charging. Thank You!

Mark K | 2019年12月8日

Don’t see anything on the horizon with this combination -

Price, battery capacity, and large planar surface area, like CT + solar option.

To quote the Mandalorian -

“This is the way.”

morgantiron | 2019年12月9日

I found only this article about solar panels

BadgerErickson | 2019年12月9日

The" backyard revolution" from MIT is intriguing, if it is real; store (2) of the small towers inside the vault, to be deployed when you reach your off-road destination(s). KISS...

BadgerErickson | 2019年12月13日

Any new photos of the factory topper with camping kit?