I seem to be getting Sirius XM for free?

I seem to be getting Sirius XM for free?

2019 Model X Raven, premium upgrades
I get Sirius XM in this car. The MX radio is not registered with Sirius XM in my account. I do have Sirius XM streaming service for my phone and computers. The phone is not streaming Sirius XM to my car.
So how am I getting Sirius XM in the Model X? Is this part of the MX streaming package that gives me Tune In and Spotify?
Don't know how, but it works!
Can anybody enlighten me?

jimglas | 2019年11月26日

don't tell anyone about the mistake with you free Sirius/XM service

gwier001 | 2019年11月26日

That was certainly my plan.

NewellS85 | 2019年11月26日

It comes from Sirius. They are giving a free trial until Dec 3, after that you have to pay for it.

gwier001 | 2019年11月30日

Thanks, I'm gonna miss it! Had Sirius XM for many years, actually like some of the DJs on my favorite channels. But it's time to try Spotify Premium, I guess.

erin | 2019年12月1日

Yeah, I just picked up my X on Friday and was surprised to find that Sirius was already going in the car. I do listen to it all the time (have for years) and if it turns out that it's a trial that expires, I'll just call and move over my current account to this new car.