Auto Pilot voice

Auto Pilot voice

I have a LR_RWD M3 with EAP. I'm having a problem with the auto-pilot guidance voice. When setting a destination everything work fine, including NOA but there is no voice prompt. I'm currently running Firmware ver; 2019.36.2.1 ea322ad. I've gone thru the manual, but if there's anything there I've missed it.

Anybody have an answer for this problem?

andre | 2019年11月28日

Perhaps you've muted the turn-by-turn instructions? Page 123 (Maps and Navigation) of the manual talks about where to find that mute button.

HighlandPony | 2019年11月28日

There’s also the volume adjustment.

EVRider | 2019年11月29日

By the way, the voice is part of navigation, not Autopilot.

Sarah R | 2019年11月29日

Autopilot should give voice cues and respond to commands. Just sayin'

syclone | 2019年11月29日

@Andre: Thanks, the navigation volume control and Mute switch appear on the Navigation screen .

HighlandPony | 2019年11月29日

BTW, you can change the navigation volume using the left scroll wheel while it is giving instructions.

syclone | 2019年11月29日

My problem was that the navigate voice was muted on the navigate menu. So, there was no voice to adjust.