31000 miles

31000 miles

I know it's not as much as some, but I hit 31k miles last week.
1. my wife will only drive the model 3 now. she thinks anything else is just junk.
2. The hemi in my jeep feels old, slow and noisy now. While the jeep is still fun to take to the desert, its not as much fun to drive around town.
3. I don't know why, but I swear that the model 3 gets me through town in half the time of my other cars. It really just seems to zip through traffic.
4. I have developed reverse range anxiety. Because I plug it in every day, I never look at the range. It's always full, so why look at it? This has caused problems in my ICE cars.
5. When I get off work, I get into the model 3 and relax. the seats are comfy, the car is quiet and glides along. SoCal traffic doesn't seem so bad.
6. 5 friends have bought a model 3 now. every one of them loves the car.
7. wife hates autopilot. she will not use it. she hates when I use it. I kept thinking she will grow to like it, but now I'm thinking maybe not.
I love the car. my friends call me a fan boy...and I am a fan.

vmulla | 2019年12月3日


Joshan | 2019年12月3日

I agree with your wife

Joshan | 2019年12月3日

on point 1 LOL

gballant4570 | 2019年12月3日

Elusivejeep, nothing wrong with being a fanboy. There is no stereotype - I am a large and ugly lout, but am proud to be a fanboy.

By the way, anything else IS junk. Anything you have to put gas into is a stinking, noisy slug. I still have 2 ICE vehicles - and dearly wish I did not. Their demise is already planned. And your Tesla indeed does move through the world with an easy elegance that no ICE can EVER match, just like mine does.

Now I cannot wait for the Cybertruck.....

kevin_rf | 2019年12月3日

You are so far behind and will never catch up ;-)