Tesla CyberTruck is Genius Branding

Tesla CyberTruck is Genius Branding

The cybertruck is genius branding. Tesla is delivering the future today. Looking at the truck itself, its like nothing you’ve ever seen. This is the entire point of Tesla and why this Cyber truck will be a game-changer. In my opinion, Elon and the tesla team are not trying to steal 2% of the truck market share. Instead they have created a brand new market.
What do you guys think?

jimglas | 2019年12月5日

have to agree with his assessment

rob | 2019年12月5日

I think it is genius in design AND timing. There are a lot of gamers that now have the earning power to afford the truck. I don't need or want a pickup, but I reserved one of these bad boys because of the looks.

But, I also think Elon's confidence in the design was shaky as it got close to the reveal. He made a couple tweets about it being too far out there and he may design a more traditional truck in the future. But maybe I misinterpreted what he was saying.

Tesla-David | 2019年12月5日

Yep, I agree with your assessment, and so does Jack Rickard. Do not change the design, as it is pure genius and is the future.

michiels.evan | 2019年12月6日

Thanks guys!

Bond 007 | 2019年12月6日

Totally agree with his assessment. I would never have bought a traditional truck (even though I loved to be inside one) due not only to it being too big and inefficient but me never needing to haul anything significant or tow anything as well. So am I sort of the anti truck person but still ordered one considering what it brings to the table. All I needed was an SUV from Tesla and Model Y was right on my target. This thing blows the Model Y away in most aspects, and looks super cool too. So yes, Tesla has created a new market segment who will buy this truck (me included) who would have never bought a truck otherwise.

PrescottRichard | 2019年12月6日

I’ll add that the $100 refundable deposit was pretty smart as well.

Just saw an article where the timeline for the three different models has changed, with the single motor version now expected in late 2022 and the tri-Motor late 2021. Some of what influenced that decision may be profitability, but I bet the breakdown of pre-orders played into it as well.

Bond 007 | 2019年12月6日

One of the most appealing features is that I don’t have to worry about door dings, paint blemishes, or having to keep it clean and tidy. A truly worry free ownership so to speak.

GTel | 2019年12月6日

I've been driving a Ford Raptor since 2014 and it was getting a bit long in the tooth so was planning on buying a new one. Saw the Cybertruck for the first time two days ago and thought it was the ugliest truck I'd ever seen. Did some reading on it, watched some more videos and two days later, placed an order. Definitely genius marketing - it's like a train wreck - you just can't stop looking at it.

Maxxer | 2019年12月7日


Can’t describe my situation better too

BadgerErickson | 2019年12月8日

@GTel LOL! Our F250 PSD has been w us since e'04!! This is the most powerful train engine since GE made Rail motors!

BadgerErickson | 2019年12月14日

Brand/Design: how MANY people have that rabbit itch in their brains, looking at the CybrTrk as delivered, saying "Copy that MasterChief, I'm on the way!" I guess the platform itself is from the X, so the exoskeleton of cold rolled steel is the genius.....and the vault......and the air ride.......the design is utility gorgeous.....

BadgerErickson | 2019年12月22日

Utility gorgeous I tell you, and built to carry 1000 shares at $420 a share?!!!