Mapping Data not being updated from Open Street Maps . org

Mapping Data not being updated from Open Street Maps . org

Hi all!

I've been told that Tesla gets their mapping data (specifically Road speeds, obstacles / lights and traffic direction) from, and real-time traffic data from Google.

Since getting my Model 3 at the end of September, I have noticed a discrepancy between the data in openstreetmap and the data in the Tesla (with Openstreetmap and Google displaying the correct information). Just wondering if anyone knows what the refresh rate is for this, or if you can "report a fault" with the map data to progress it along.

TIA - Brad

bradbomb | 2019年12月11日

I think people said was being used for data specifically for Smart Summon for layouts of private parking lots.

brad.saide | 2019年12月12日

Does anyone know how to "suggest an update" for the maps?

It's definitely not sourced using Google maps, because Google knows of a changed street which has gone from 2-way to 1-way in the Sydney CBD a couple of months ago, but Tesla keeps trying to route me down it the wrong way (also Google's got the correct speed limits).
OpenStreetMaps is also not the source, because the direction (and as mentioned, the speed limits) are correct on there too.

EVRider | 2019年12月12日

I don’t know if this is the same everywhere, but the source of GPS data is Mapbox and Valhalla. I don’t know how those relate to OpenSteetMap.

HighlandPony | 2019年12月12日

The car gets periodic map updates. What version are you on?

WardT | 2019年12月12日

I updated openstreetmap a couple of times and don’t see the change reflected on my M3.

bradbomb | 2019年12月12日

The only thing that people have said Tesla uses Openstreetmap for is for parking lot mapping for the Smart Summon feature.

Before that, I don't think I ever saw Openstreetmap mentioned before as Tesla's source for all mapping data.