Autopilot Goes Down To 5mph

Autopilot Goes Down To 5mph

Haven’t used autopilot since the last update of 40.2.1 and when I activate it, the set speed goes down to 5mph. I have to keep foot on accelerator pedal to continue at same speed or the car slows down to 5mph. I tried it on two different roads. Has anybody heard of this happening with the latest update?

WhiteWind | 2019年12月15日

Fish is long time Troll resident that infuses lies in his statements. Take his information with huge load of salt.
Thank you

apodbdrs | 2019年12月15日

Ha! Ha! Fish, the guy has zero experience on Tesla AS, AP or APON, giving advice on what they do, what joke!

Frank99 | 2019年12月15日

Check the Autopilot settings. As I remember, you can set Autopilot to automatically choose either a fixed speed, or a certain MPH above/below the current speed limit. Perhaps the update borked this setting in your car. If that fails, consider a hard reset and see if it resolves the issue.

To answer your question, I have not seen this issue - but I'm on 40.1.1 and not 40.2.1.

Frank99 | 2019年12月15日

Fishy -
I think your reading comprehension is somewhat suspect. In the first place, Speed Assist is the name given to the warning system that let's you know if you're driving faster than you desired. It interacts with TACC / CC by having a shared setting (the Speed Limit Warning) which, for TACC, sets the initial speed that the car will attempt to maintain.

Now, the manual is correct - the chosen setting is retained, meaning that every time you go to that screen (today, tomorrow, or next week), or every time you activate TACC, you'll see the same value and get the same set speed target. You can change the set speed target with on-screen controls or the scroll-wheels while driving, but that doesn't change the retained setting.
As far as changing set speed without driver input, I wish it would do it more. It does NOT do a good job of tracking speed limit changes - if I set the Speed Limit Warning to Speed Limit + 0 mph, then I expect the car to change the set speed as the speed limit changes. It seems to have a poor database for doing so - for example, it seems to slow down as the speed limit drops, but doesn't always do it anywhere near where the actual speed limit sign is. It also doesn't seem to speed up if the speed limit rises. These are limitations that I expect to be fixed when they get speed limit sign recognition added to the onboard software.

Frank99 | 2019年12月15日

Fishy sed: "Most common one for me is on adaptive cruise. Signal for exit, get on long uphill exit with cruise set at 70 mph and Tesla drops to 50 mph with no driver input."

You mean exactly as documented in the manual (p.80):
"Cruising Near or On Freeway Exits
When cruising near an exit on a controlled
access road (such as a highway or freeway)
and engaging the turn signal toward the exit,
Traffic-Aware Cruise Control assumes you are
exiting and begins to slow down the vehicle."

You're gonna have to try harder.

WhiteWind | 2019年12月15日

Thank you, Frank99. As I said he always try to sneak in his misinformation and lies.

M3phan | 2019年12月15日

@ Frank99 for the win.

derotam | 2019年12月15日

Remember everyone, they way the car deals with speed is different between just TACC, and AP(TACC + Land Keeping)

rdovale | 2019年12月15日

Checked my settings, nothing changed and did a hard reset that did not work. I set an appointment and mobile is responding on the 30th.

hokiegir1 | 2019年12月15日

Interestingly, I just found this on page 81, which may be a phantom braking factor:

When enabled while on a highway interchange
or off-ramp, Traffic-Aware Cruise Control may
reduce your set speed in 5 mph (5 km/h)
increments – to as slow as 25 mph (40 km/h)
– to better match the reported speeds of
other Tesla vehicles that have driven at that
specific location. To override this and continue
cruising at your set speed, tap the accelerator
pedal or touch the plus (+) or minus (-) button
on the touchscreen. The new set speed is
maintained for the duration of the interchange
or off-ramp (unless you override it or cancel
Traffic-Aware Cruise Control). After the
interchange or off-ramp, the set speed may
revert or change as necessary based on the
new location. For example, if you merged onto
a different highway, the set speed reverts back
to the set speed that was in use before driving
on the interchange.

Frank99 | 2019年12月15日

>> but I’ve had speed ups and slows downs where it actually changes the set speed of adaptive cruise. It should never do that in regular adaptive cruise.

I've never had Traffic Aware Cruise Control (not adaptive) do that without a change in the speed limit. Would you prefer that it continue doing 75 when the speed limit changes to 65? I appreciate that this is your opinion of how TACC should work, but it does not appear that Tesla shares your opinion nor do I.

As far as the manual not mentioning it, are you next going to complain that the manual doesn't say that you can pinch-zoom on your car on the display, or that the third brake light on the displayed car matches the state of the real brake lights?

Frank99 | 2019年12月15日

Oh, my gawd.

So slowing down from 70 to 50 on a highway exit, and accelerating to the appropriate speed after transiting an interchange or exit ramp, is now "dangerous behaviour"? Come arrest me, because I do that every time in my more primitive vehicles. Seems like you're still arguing that the car should attempt the exit ramp or interchange at highway speed. Whee!

Frank99 | 2019年12月15日

>>> Teslas is being both unsafe and out of date
Once again, an unsupported opinion that I doubt is shared by many here. And "out-of-date"? I seem to have missed the feature in my high school '64 Oldsmobile where CC would slow down when the speed limit changed or I exited a freeway - or were you thinking of some other car that has ever had this feature? Seems like Tesla adding a new safety feature to me.

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年12月15日

Very unsafe and out of date car yet FishEV bought one and is endangering himself and others by driving one, totally irresponsible of him. Why would anyone put themselves and others in such danger, a real head scratcher.

Frank99 | 2019年12月15日

You're right, M8B. Seems like sociopathic behavior to intentionally endanger others in this way.

hokiegir1 | 2019年12月15日

@Frank - Hell, our 2015 Santa Fe doesn't even slow down for the car in front of us when on cruise control. Talk about unsafe!

Frank99 | 2019年12月15日

Nice that you dropped off the next few words:
"After the interchange or off-ramp, the set speed may revert OR CHANGE AS NECESSARY based on the new location. "

I'm sure if you go out and try it in your Model 3, you'll find that after exiting the freeway, the car will not revert to 70 mph on the surface streets, but will instead choose a new set speed based on the speed limit of the new road and your choices for Speed Assist.

I'm quite happy that Tesla Engineering made it work this way.

Tronguy | 2019年12月15日

Public Service Announcement:

FISHEV is a known troll of several years standing and several user
names who pushes an anti Tesla narrative. Please
take his opinions with a grain of salt, avoid any advice he may
suggest, and do not let him implant any Fear, Uncertainty, or, Doubt
about Tesla or your car into your own opinion.

WhiteWind | 2019年12月16日

I pray to God that FishyTroll sells his car soon. Please God, make us safe from this guy and bless his heart.

Frank99 | 2019年12月16日

Afraid not. Your example discussed the car slowing down at an exit, followed by all kinds of wild speculation about what the car might do based on a nightmare misreading of the manual. And you're still doing so - "That it will also revert to set speed" is completely wrong.

FISHEV | 2019年12月16日

"Your example discussed the car slowing down at an exit"

And speeding up exactly as described by the Tesla manual. Kudos to @hokiegirl1 for finding the description of what Tesla is doing changing adaptive cruise speed in regard to bad map data.

Now we know the problem with adaptive cruise. When it is likely to take over from the driver and be prepared to counter the car's unsafe behavior.

Next step is to get Tesla to have an AP Mode where all the FSD problems like reading maps for car speed are eliminated, good basic adaptive cruise and maybe get Lane Keeping back. Could even work on greatly improving the native BSI despite Model 3's sensor issues.

daddy88 | 2019年12月16日

FSD would need to read the speed signs and compare to its map data and use the lowest # out of the 2 for cruise speed.
1. My local street is 25mph. Map data has 45mph. It surges to 45mph when EAP is activated (for testing)
1a. Corrected data on open source map site more than a month ago, not changed.
2. Speed signs can be gratified so you don't want a 35 changed to 85 hence take the lower of the two values (sign & map data).

hokiegir1 | 2019年12月16日

I think someone needs to reread the excerpt I posted. Nowhere does it mention map data AT ALL. It actually talks about the fact that it's using speed data from other Teslas that have passed that area as one of the factors in making the speed determination.

WhiteWind | 2019年12月16日

Just flag FishTroll . We all know by know his agenda.

WhiteWind | 2019年12月16日

Just flag FishTroll . We all know by now his agenda.

apodbdrs | 2019年12月16日

Just to illustrate how great AP on Navigate is. This video was done in August 2019 using auto pilot with navigate. I use it frequently, it is great and smooth, it just continues to improve with every update.

rdovale | 2019年12月16日

So autopilot works fine on US1 and I95. All other roads it still goes down to 5mph. I’m assuming something in my controls changed with that last update. I don’t want to waste mobile service’s time if I just have to change something back so if anybody can help it would be appreciated.

KittyBumpkins | 2019年12月16日


I have a similar problem after 2019.40.2.1. It's a bug in that update.

rdovale | 2019年12月16日

Thanks Kitty that makes me feel a little better. Hopefully there is a new update before my appointment.

lbowroom | 2019年12月16日

It's not clear from anyone's reply that we are even talking about your reported issue here. I just want to be sure I understand what you're saying.

You say that the speed drops TO 5mph absolute, not that the speed drops by 5mph, right? Like you can't even use it because it would take you an hour to drive 5 miles?

No, it doesn't do anything like that for me. It stays at or whatever above I set mine too. Have you by chance set a 5mph absolute speed limit setting?

pduggirala | 2019年12月16日

Does anyone know while you are in autopilot the speed drops or applies brakes when there is no car in front of you? It happened occasionally.

pduggirala | 2019年12月16日

Does anyone know while you are in autopilot the speed drops or applies brakes when there is no car in front of you? It happened occasionally.

FISHEV | 2019年12月16日

"Does anyone know while you are in autopilot the speed drops or applies brakes when there is no car in front of you? It happened occasionally."

Random braking is a major issue with Tesla's adaptive cruise, one of the top complaints about the car's performance. That is a different issue that the car using the map data to speed up or slow down, this topic.

In the case of the random braking, it's a fault in the system.

In the case of slowing per map data, it is slowing on purpose doing what it is supposed to per Tesla but should not do per safe operation.

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年12月16日

The car is perfectly safe, in fact the safest crash tested car ever by the gold standard of safety testing the NHTSA.

rdovale | 2019年12月16日

Example: You are driving at 50mph, activate autopilot and the speed display in middle with the blue ring shows 5mph and the car starts to decelerate to that speed, I then have to disengage autopilot for obvious reasons. The speed limit on the right side of the screen displays correctly. I haven’t touched any of my settings and haven’t used autopilot in awhile but it probably is related to the new update.

hokiegir1 | 2019年12月16日

@rdovale - make sure Speed Limit Mode wasn't inadvertently activated. You can actually check that in the Controls of your phone app.

WhiteWind | 2019年12月16日

Please don't forget to flag Fish every time he posts his fantasy and lies.
Thank you.

rdovale | 2019年12月16日

Speed limit mode not activated.

lbowroom | 2019年12月16日

Even if not activated, it’s the greyed out speed limit set to 5 by chance?

teslamazing | 2019年12月16日

@fishy states in another thread

“I know the Blind Side indicator in the graphic has been there for the five years I've been renting S's and X's for skiing”

Yet he still buys a Tesla after renting higher tier models and then continues to complain

rdovale | 2019年12月16日

No 90mph.

oliman06 | 2019年12月18日

@rdovale I have the same issue on mine. It started happening after a recent software update. On Surface streets, i can't go past 5ph on autopilot, it won't let me set the speed higher and keeps saying that autosteer is limited to 5mph even though the posted speed limit is 45. The car just crawls at 5mph. As soon as I enter the freeway, autosteer works as usual. I am assuming it's because it now can detect that I am on local roads rather than freeway. I think it is a bug. It didn't do this before and I use Autosteer 70% of the time on local roads especially on stop and go traffic. The past 2 days, it just won't do it and I am a little bummed since I look forward to a stress free drive home on stop and go traffic on surface streets. Keep me posted. I am also contacting service.

FISHEV | 2019年12月19日

"Yet he still buys a Tesla after renting higher tier models and then continues to complain"

Tesla has never fixed the problem of no Blind Spot Indicator and no Rear Cross Traffic Warning. Or fixed the random braking in adaptive cruise. Or fixed the inconsistency of Lane Keeping. When Tesla fixes, all the owner complaints about the problems with these safeties will stop. Buckle up because it doesn't look like Tesla intends to fix them.

As pointed out above with the problem of the car speeding up or slowing down based on bad map data is also not likely to get fixed. So new owners will continue to post about the problems.

WhiteWind | 2019年12月19日

Bc there is no problem existing. Go away Troll

rdovale | 2019年12月23日

@oliman06 had a mobile tech respond today. He could not figure out what was wrong. He called it a fault of limited autopilot. Unfortunately I have to wait now for January 15th for an appointment at the service center in Eatonville/Orlando.

rdovale | 2019年12月25日

Well I was hoping the new update might fix my problem but it’s just made it worse. Now I have no autopilot nor cruise control. It notifies me of text messages I hit reply and respond but it just says listening.

rdovale | 2019年12月25日

Hard reset twice still not working.

EVRider | 2019年12月25日

@rdovale: As reported in some other threads, the voice command issues (including dictating text messages) appear to be on Tesla's servers, not in the update. Try again.

Rippin1Gear | 2019年12月25日

If hard or soft reset is not fixing your issue, I sure hope you reported your bug and also scheduled a service.

As far as trolls I thought you have to be an active Tesla owner to be able to be on the forums or that’s how I think it needs to be.

rdovale | 2019年12月25日

Mobile responded already and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I have to wait until January 15th now. They have to do something about their service. That is the only complaint I have with this car.