Phone improvements not working on my model 3

Phone improvements not working on my model 3

I have just received the new update v10.2 2019.40.50.1 have a model 3 mid range with hardware 2.5 I am noticing that phone improvements are not working correctly on my model 3. Specifically the part that says in the release notes to view messages that have been received while your phone is connected via Bluetooth, tap the application launcher > call > messages. When I go to app launcher then click call I am not seeing any option for messages. Am I missing something? or is this feature only available for 3.0? and if so why would they include it in my release notes? because they didn’t show the traffic sign visualizations in my release notes and I know that’s a HW 3.0 only feature for sure.

NorthValley | 2019年12月24日


Sarah R | 2019年12月24日

It's working for me

Dino_Pinoy | 2019年12月24日

Have you tried turning on the show notifications under your phone bluetooth setting? That’s what i had to do to have it shown. iPhone-settings-bluetooth- show notifications.
just in case if you haven’t done that.

Dino_Pinoy | 2019年12月24日

I forgot to say after turning on the show notifications, you need to click on the bluetooth icon on your model 3 and you would need to turn on a couple of thing there as well don’t quite remember but it’s the only 2 that’s not on. good luck.
Loving the new update.

dreif | 2019年12月26日

Dino_Pinoy, thanks. Your recommendations worked and I can now use the text feature.