Taycan vs Tesla efficiency

Taycan vs Tesla efficiency

I think it’s well explained

However he doesn’t explain why the 800V system loses so much efficiency compared to Tesla. Or is it the efficiency of the electric motor. Or everything was optimized by Tesla engineers over time and it couldn’t not be matched so Porsche went for the « No compromise on driving experience » and sacrificed all the range for the driver to feel like he’s driving an ICE car again in 2020. | 2019年12月26日

Nice. I'm now convinced the 800v is a total marketing gimmick and has zero to with efficiency or any real benefit other than to be something different from others.

I liked the quote from the Car & Driver article; "Porsche says that these EPA numbers are merely confirmation of the numbers that the automaker itself submitted to the agency, as is typical practice. And Porsche spokesperson Calvin Kim said that Porsche is not "rebutting" the EPA numbers."

jordanrichard | 2019年12月26日

TT +1 “marketing gimmick”. Porsche couldn’t come out swinging with anything that was equal to or less than what is already out there. Everything has to be perceived as being faster/better than anything else, after all, image is a huge selling factor for Porsche.

Now, in all fairness, Elon has made a number of claims that never panned out, like sending a FSD car across the country.

jimglas | 2019年12月26日

But it’s a turbo!

andy.connor.e | 2019年12月27日


The difference is that if they double the voltage, they can half the current which might reduce wire size. That being said, typical wires are rated for 600V and it would require the next step up which might defeat the purpose of lowering the required current. Probably a marketing gimmick by displaying a larger number than everyone else, when people dont even know what that number means. | 2019年12月27日

High voltage is really beneficial for long transmission lines. Not so much to go 3 or 4 feet. Insulation has to be thicker and heavier somewhat counters the weight savings from less copper. My guess is we're talking less than a pound of difference from a 400v system to an 800v system - a negligible amount. Now the cost of copper is higher than insulation, so perhaps the Taycan saves $5 or so in copper costs. Not so important in a $150K-200K car.

The added incompatibility with existing DC chargers that can only go up to 500v is a problem. They do have an expensive option to allow 400v charging. The extra weight, cost, and complexity totally wipes out the benefit of the 800v system.

The more I look at this 800v system, the more it appears to be a worthless advantage.

andy.connor.e | 2019年12月27日

I agree

jordanrichard | 2019年12月27日

TT it's not worthless, it makes good PR/sound bite. :-)

blue adept | 2019年12月28日

I think it best if everyone were to just wait until VW actually began producing them and they're out driving up and down the road so we can get some real world data on it's actual performance and efficiency parameters instead of engaging in all of the thus yet still baseless hype and speculation.

Mark K | 2019年12月28日

One pretty safe bet -

If Taycan were a sleeper surprise, with unspoken killer specs, they wouldn’t need spin machines like TopGear and Darth to lie about it for money.

Porsche has a very limited time window to sell to the uninformed.

Once there’s lots of end user data, the word will be out.