2019.40.50.5 (and now 50.6 and 50.7)

2019.40.50.5 (and now 50.6 and 50.7)

I assume just big fixes. Does anyone have it yet, and if so, this thread is to capture the "what's different" answers.

EDIT: When posting "a review" on 50.5. 50.6 and now, 50.7, please state if you are a HW3 or HW2.X owner. Thanks!

shawncordell | 2019年12月28日

Can you confirm voice commands are now reliable?

andrewsjra | 2019年12月28日

I hope it does. The voice commands are awesome.

CharleyBC | 2019年12月28日

It’s not zooming out. Stats reports 0.1% of the fleet has this release.

jebinc | 2019年12月28日


Could be only to EA folks right now. We'll see what Monday brings!

attractor | 2019年12月28日

I just tried some voice commands. Some worked great like "open glove box", "increase fan speed", "decrease fan speed", "increase temperature", "decrease temperature". However when I say "set temperature to 20 degrees" it comes up with the message saying "Enabling Climate Control" but then does nothing. Also making phone calls is not great, and can't get it to create a text message at the moment.

csinger | 2019年12月28日

EA? Electronic arts? Whatever it means this version is currently downloading to my Model 3.

csinger | 2019年12月28日

There you go. Release notes.

pnagy | 2019年12月28日

According to the video, it looks like it's for Australia.


Fuzzball | 2019年12月28日

I just got it, i am in USA

surfpearl | 2019年12月28日

EA = Early Access (the owners enrolled in Early Access test new software version before its wide release to the fleet)

M3phan | 2019年12月28日

Nav on AP not new here. Maybe in Australia. This looks like a grab bag of stuff already released here at diff times.

russoh | 2019年12月28日

I have it. Same release notes as last time and voice commands are still hit or miss so no clue what it did.

jebinc | 2019年12月28日


So, what’s different?

lbowroom | 2019年12月28日

set temperature to 20 degrees

Try saying “set temperature to 20” instead

ksrehman | 2019年12月28日

Downloading it now (USA). I am on family vacation in my wife's ICE car and my model 3 is at home so I can't say what's new ... just wanted to note that it's rolling out. I have HW 2.5, paid for FSD, no Early Access.

Fuzzball | 2019年12月28日

Appears to be bug fixes. Nothing new

jebinc | 2019年12月29日


Agreed. I wonder what bugs were fixed?

weluvm3 | 2019年12月29日

I hope it restores my Tesla's ability to respond to voice commands.

Scrannel | 2019年12月29日

So. Cal. Installing now. Whatever it is.

joe | 2019年12月29日

Just installed in San Diego, no new notes. Haven’t played with voice commands yet.

Sarah R | 2019年12月29日

I just got the 40.50.5 update. Tried out voice commands. They worked great until I confused them with a text message. Don't touch the circular arrows icon. It screws it all up. Tap three verbiage where it says "tap to do something" and it works just fine.

And if it does get hung up and shows you that infuriating "say things like" card, doing something that makes a "ding" as a confirmation bell puts it right as rain. I tapped the lock icon and voice recognition started working immediately. It had nothing to do with the lock. It was the confirmation sound. I suspect that it gets so busy trying to figure out what you said that it gets distracted. Doing something else gets its attention again.

Oh, I told it to turn on satellite maps and it did. I told it to turn on traffic. It did. I told it to fold and unfold the mirrors. Flapping its wings like a bird. Wiggling its ears like a hippo. I told it to find Kosher food. It gave me a list to choose from. I told it to turn on the rear seat heaters. It said it did, but it lied. My SR+ isn't enabled for rear seat heaters.

But anyway, I digress. Try that business with tapping the lock icon. Anything that makes it go "ding!"

kevin_rf | 2019年12月29日

Amazing, 2000 miles from home and I can click a button in an app and suddenly my car back home has the latest and greatest.

coselectric | 2019年12月29日

@kevin_rf, haha, same. I kicked off the update from my phone while my plane was taxiing to the runway, and by the time we landed it was of course done.

Compare that to GM which recently issued a recall to reprogram their brake software. What a bunch of clowns, by comparison. Over 600,000 sorry GM owners will have to bring their vehicles into the dealer for a software fix - what a pain in the rear.

Scrannel | 2019年12月30日

@Sarah R -- thanks for the rundown. Sounds hopeful. Will give mine a rundown in the morning.

szabo.s | 2019年12月30日

Nem lehet Bluetoothval telefont társitani és a már társitott telefont is a model3 elfelejtette.Kérem aki tud segitsen.A szoftver verzió: 40.50.1

dstevens | 2019年12月30日

Installing as I type in the UK.
All voice command broke on previous release (nothing worked) so hopefully they have fixed this and the car kept turning on 'beep on lock" confirmation sound as it keeps defaulting to this even though I turned it off.

philip | 2019年12月30日

I have an LR AWD RHD, late summer 2019, based in the UK, and when I check for a software update it says my software is up to date.

At present I am on 2019.40.2.1.

Does this mean the update is not available to my particular car at the moment and it will suddenly appear when my turn arrives? Reading about the bugs, I am in no great hurry to update, just curious as to how the updates are pushed out.

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年12月30日

@philip Yes, the updates arrive when they arrive and it can be weeks, sometimes months, before everyone gets them after they are "released". Also, not everyone gets every update. They will suddenly appear when it is your turn.

RichardKJ | 2019年12月30日

@philip Exactly. Updates are available based on configuration and location (and probably some other things).

Devilstower | 2019年12月30日

@philip It ALWAYS says "software up to date." I don't care if you've just taken delivery of a vehicle that's eleventy versions behind the current release, it says "software up to date."

And no, it doesn't actually have anything to do with what's available in your location and model. It'll say that right until the time the magic Tesla bingo ball system pulls your VIN number for an update.

philip | 2019年12月30日

Thanks for your replies M8B and RKJ.

As I say, I am happy to wait until it is debugged. The car still puts a big grin on my face every time I go out in it on the current software!

philip | 2019年12月30日

@M8B and @RKJ Thanks for your replies.

As I say, I am happy to wait until it is debugged. The car still puts a big grin on my face every time I go out in it on the current software!

@Devilstower I guess it changes to “not up to date” when the new software is downloaded but not installed. I have updated a few times but never really paid attention to it.

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年12月30日

@philip Here is a site that attempts to track the releases and deployments of firmware versions.

NorthValley | 2019年12月30日

I updated mine to .5 yesterday. Pretty much the same, likely bug fixes. Perhaps the voice commands are a little better but do not work every single time or there is a very long delay between my saying the words and then appearing on screen...its so long sometimes that you think it hasn't say the words again and while you are speaking the original words come up!

Scrannel | 2019年12月30日

I was going to try the power down/power up with USB unplugged (the alleged bug for voice), but not mine seems to work again.

jebinc | 2019年12月30日

So, has anyone with 40.50.5 noticed anything different yet?

Patrick | 2019年12月30日

Yes - looks like they fixed the issues with voice commands - or at least dramatically improved them. Everything was working (new commands, bug reports, etc.) during my test this morning.

andrewsjra | 2019年12月30日

Just received the update and downloading. Hopefully the voice commands work.

Frank99 | 2019年12月30日

I've noticed that the voice commands are much improved - I'd give them a B- grade now, up from the D+ I would have given them in the 50.1 release. They still have a way to go. I'm quite impressed by the breadth of the commands now (for example, "Increase Driver Seat Heater" is understood, but doesn't actually do anything), but the reliability of its understanding isn't great. I was able, however, to send and receive texts this morning, which is something that simply didn't work for me before.

Frank99 | 2019年12月30日

I'm hoping they improve driving under AP - drove out to visit my Mother in SoCal from Phoenix this weekend, and the ping-ponging in the lane was annoying at times. That was a definite step backwards from pre-50.1 releases. Maybe I'll go for a long drive today and see if they improved it in 50.5.

rxlawdude | 2019年12月30日

We got it while on a road trip, and used NOA from Blythe, CA to Sedona. We saw no ping ponging, only rock solid lane keeping. Voice commands seemed better but with delayed responses.

slabella | 2019年12月30日

Have Model 3 LR AWD with HW 2.5 (Oct 2018) and No cone or new virtualisation changes seen wit this old hardware. i guess i have to wait for 3.0 HW upgrade and my FSD in order to take advantage of his new 2019.40.50.5 download.

Hope Tesla Service calls me soon for the 3.0 HW update.

Best regards,
SteveO :-(

CharleyBC | 2019年12月30日

My favorite when the voice commands aren't working is, "Bug report: voice commands aren't working."

gparrot | 2019年12月30日

CharleyBC: LOL!!

CST | 2019年12月30日

Yeah, I realized it was a catch-22 trying to report voice command failures...

Tronguy | 2019年12月30日

@szabo.s: Had to put your post into Google Translate to get, "Cannot associate a phone with Bluetooth and the phone that has already been paired with is forgotten by model3.Please who can help.Software version: 40.50.1"
(To the others here: That's in Hungarian.)
Two things:
1. Odd. I'm using a Samsung S8; other people here are on a variety of iOS and Android phones and, while there was some trouble late last year with some people with some phones, by and large those complaint posts have stopped over the last nine or ten months. So, unfortunately, you seem special.
2. As you may have noticed, the posters on this board are mainly (variants of) English speakers. I suspect that Tesla runs forums for people whose native language is not English, but I don't know where to find them.
3. Asking around here might get you an answer eventually. It would help more if you posted an original topic on the forum with your problem; as you may have noticed, this particular topic is about a recent software update and isn't about pairing phones at all.
4. Contacting Tesla support or your local Service Center might be a better bet for a fast resolution. There's a Tesla support page at (in English..) that has some hints about getting a balky key working. At the bottom of the main Tesla support page ( there's a "Contact Us" button. Again, all that is in English, but I suspect that if you try that from Hungary, you'll get Hungarian, instead.
Good luck!

Tronguy | 2019年12月30日

And, back on topic: Just downloaded and installed 40.50.5. Hey! The voice commands are working! And, as previously mentioned, one can make the mirrors flap back and forth like a bird now.
Even "Cancel Navigation" works.
Release notes look the same, though.

hokiegir1 | 2019年12月30日

Mine is downloading very slowly. Not sure if it's crappy wifi signal or just a large download, but it's been going for a couple hours and still at 60%.

Jones | 2019年12月30日

Had 40.50.1 until this morning and it had serious issues with autopilot (ping pong back and forth lane keeping as well as late into turns). Just test drove 40.50.5 and that issue is categorically resolved. Fixed.
(LR, dual motor, HW 2.5, delivered in August 2018)

biz | 2019年12月30日

I hope it fixes the tendency for the windows to go down on their own.