Munro & Associates Eval. vid

Munro & Associates Eval. vid

Mr. Sandy Munro with some of the most intelligent discussion I have seen on the CT to date, from an Engineer's perspective, an Off-Roader perspective, and hunter.

He's not just a sunshine blower, he's got some VERY interesting perspective and background info to offer on WHERE his opinions come from.

Thank You Mr. Munro... | 2019年12月28日

Nice video! Covers the glass, stainless steel, body construction, competitors (and lack of them), and more.

BadgerErickson | 2019年12月29日

Yes, this guy tears apart Teslas for a living and does evals. with his teams.

Background in Aero/MIL/LE vehicles he seems to be going places.

NKYTA | 2019年12月29日

I’m somewhat surprised Tesla hasn’t hired him...

SO | 2019年12月29日

Because Sandy is good at looking what’s been done. But he didn’t see what was capable. He said he even had to eat crow with the Model 3. Tesla doesn’t need early naysayers working for them.

Tesla-David | 2019年12月29日

Nice interview, makes me love our M3 even more to hear the M3 motor is 5 years ahead of the competition. Learned a lot and makes me look forward to CT all the more.

BadgerErickson | 2019年12月30日

@ T-D, yes.

It sounds like the rest of the Manuf. are 5-10 years behind and/or just are too lazy to look at the open source information on HOW to do this EV thing, the EM way. It's pretty incredible just HOW out in the open the Tesla info is, and camouflaged at the same time as a result.

Somewhere in the interview he mentions success by "a stacking of NASA's best engineers on your desk". SO obvious it's hilarious.

andy.connor.e | 2019年12月30日

Companies dont like to spend money that does not result in immediate payoff. Companies would have to refit every single one of their factories to produce EVs. Not only that, but when the factory is down they are not producing cars. On top of that, if they are producing EVs, people are most likely NOT going to want to buy another ICE car in the interim, so their vehicle sales could very well drop to zero during the shift. All car companies are doing right now is trying to buy themselves time, but really they are only making it even harder to make the switch later on. Tesla will be so far ahead of every other company that they wont even have a competitive product anymore. Just wait until battery investor day when we hear about what Maxwell Tech has been doing the last year since they were bought. Probably 500Wh/kg dry cells? Who knows. It'll be something that can produce a Truck with 500+ mile range, 3 motors, 2.8s 0-60, for the same price as base Model S.

Sorry every other car manufacturer. You cannot do business as normal and produce the same product for eternity. Cant wait for the same to happen to Apple and Samsung.

BadgerErickson | 2019年12月30日

Morning Andy, here in the U.S. the Detroit little 3 just announced that they are "done with little cars", with the BS caveat that ..."Americanas aren't buying cars anymore.....", which was just complete horse puckey. Anyway, they committed 110% to truck/SUV market as it IS THE largest profit margin for production/sales; idiots have become comfortable with the idea that a truck can be $75-100K. Enter Elon........

Switching a skin over to EV is not that hard or time consuming, actually. It's just a shell. As you noted, we are not going to buy another ICE unless it's an emergency, before we get our CT. Our $$MONEY$$ is OFF the table from Toyota Tundra, the '99 F250 will last another 2 years; THAT is what will kill GM/Ford/Chrysler in the next 10 years, as 50Million people do the same thing in differing timelines. They SHALL just plain die. We'll see more condensing like the recent FCA/Peugeot, or GM will just go to being only a Government entity for Pentagon contracts.

Here's the latest Q&A production from Sean, post_Munro interview, lots of interesting points in here as well...

BadgerErickson | 2019年12月30日 | 2019年12月30日

It seems Tesla produces the best-eginered parts (motor, battery, etc.) and then works to improve the costs. If a problem is found, change the design quickly and put it into production right away. Don't wait for a model year changeover.

Most legacy automakers work in the reverse and are run strictly by finance. Make the part as cheaply as possible so long as it doesn't impact warranty work too much. If it is really bad, change the design in 5 years when the model makeover happens. This is a poor way to deal with new technology.

andy.connor.e | 2019年12月30日

hence teslas rate of improvement vs every other car company.

BadgerErickson | 2019年12月31日

Here's another really cool interview OP/Ed piece with Mr. Munro....

BadgerErickson | 2020年1月3日

Sandy Munro is quite the Tesla dude.

hOW is this forum not stoked on his works and views?