Goodyear unveils new tire for electric cars to reduce wear from powerful instant torque

Goodyear unveils new tire for electric cars to reduce wear from powerful instant torque

It is good that goodyear is looking into the problem with tiers wear.
if anyone gets a set let me know what they find.
here is more information


jordanrichard | 2019年12月28日

This is old news, like from 2018.

This seems to be just pure marketing hype.

blue adept | 2019年12月28日

If you want to reduce tire wear from the "instant torque" people should simply resist the urge to stomp on the go pedal, no need for special tires or anything else other than self control.

jordanrichard | 2019年12月29日

Blue adept +1. Also on the opposite side of the sudden foot stomping acceleration it how one lifts their foot off the accelerator. Re-gen puts a large about of stress on the tires as well. Some people wait until the relative last minute to pull their foot off the accelerator to get the most regen they can, but not only does this pitch you and your passenger’s heads forward, but is puts the most stress on your tires. It is better, from a tire wear standpoint, to ease off the accelerator gradually.

BadgerErickson | 2019年12月29日

I like these new GoodYear tires; they are most likely made of recycled tires with a graphene additive, doing more good for our environment in clean ups! Excellent!

jordanrichard | 2019年12月29日

While I am not in the tire business, I have over the years seen numerous videos of tire manufacturing and never once I have I heard/seen recycled tires being added to the mix. Steel, aluminum, glass, all reuse scrap, but not tires. There is too much other materials literally imbedded in the tire to separate to get it back to just put rubber.

kilos1 | 2019年12月29日

Big truck tires, recapped tires, tires that are use for heavy equipment, track type equipment. Bobcats with runflat tires use recycled material also. This is where recycle tires are use. Because they do not run at high speeds as a normal car or get high temperature when driving. Electric vehicles is a new market for tire manufacturers, when the demand gets greater. People will start to complain on the life of the tire, it is not the same as a normal gas engine car.
This is true for EV Indy cars, they now have EV IndyCar racing. They would be the 1st to demand a tire to meet the needs. They cannot run on current tires, due to the high demands that’s required on the racetrack. Things that are tested on the racetrack sometimes come down to streetcars.

BadgerErickson | 2019年12月29日

@kilos1, yes. My tire man back in the race day was Michelin. The technology comes to the DOTs. Most applicable I'd think may be what was on those Audi LeMans TDI Hybrids. Beautiful Hp/Trq in those cars, similar to the CT #s I believe.

blue adept | 2019年12月30日


>>> "It is better, from a tire wear standpoint, to ease off the accelerator gradually." <<<

Good point!

That and/or adjust your regen settings to lessen the braking and associated 'head snap'...It might decrease your regenerative capability, but it'll also make driving more pleasurable.

The only 'wear' that I'm aware of for tires from braking (regen or otherwise) is that due to sharp braking which can grind the tread away.

BadgerErickson | 2019年12月30日

The lack of knowledge here is astounding....sad.

jordanrichard | 2019年12月31日

For the first week or so of having my car, I did a lot of head snapping. Then I learned to modulate the pressure on the accelerator. The only time I switch the re-gen to Low is when on slick surfaces in the winter.

revibattstub | 2020年1月1日

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BadgerErickson | 2020年1月3日

Tires; this sort of Hp/Trq demands a new tire. Here we go.....