In-car viewing of Sentry Mode files

In-car viewing of Sentry Mode files

Do you know of any reason why Tesla does not make viewing of Sentry Mode video files available in the car?

EVRider | 2020年1月10日

Because it's not a priority for them?

Although everyone would like to see that feature, it's not a trivial feature to implement, despite claims that it would be. I'm guessing that Tesla will do it at some point. | 2020年1月10日

You can view the files in the car, but only on your own phone, tablet or laptop. Yep, not exactly what we want, but it as good as it gets right now. Here's my writeup on the options:

Frank99 | 2020年1月10日

I'm sure it's coming - it's a really obvious limitation. What I really want is the car to show me 5 seconds around the triggering event, so I can quickly determine whether I need to do a more in-depth review of the footage.

kaffine | 2020年1月10日

I'm waiting for them to send a short clip to my phone when it is triggered like home security systems. I figure both are coming it will just take time.

liftsrock | 2020年1月13日

@kaffine I agree that that would be great. Vandals would be far more likely to be caught if you could report them in the act.

Tesla2018 | 2020年1月18日

Is there a way to take the thumb drive and put it into your cellphone and copy the files or save them to a YouTube account using your phone and then watch it on the car screen. I have no idea how to save or add stuff to a YouTube account but saw that I have videos on mine that I watched from places I searched for years ago that I must have saved somehow.

Orthopod | 2020年1月19日

Yeah the 10 minutes saved events are painful to go through

EVRider | 2020年1月19日

@Tesla2018: There are ways to access the video from your phone, but you can just watch them there. Because there are multiple video streams chopped into many segments, it wouldn’t be practical to try to upload them to YouTube. If you can access the video drive from your phone, one option to view them is, which you can also use on your computer.

booshtukka | 2020年1月22日

I just received one of these today:

It’s not super polished, but it’s a much better experience than having to format your own drive and stick a folder on it. Even then, apparently my fancy Samsung drive was too slow. No issues like that with the Roadie so far. And then you can watch the video from your phone, showing all four views at the same time. It could still be better, but it’s a big step in the right direction.

milesbb | 2020年1月26日

I would guess allowing files to be uploaded from your drive poses a security risk.

wallbrook | 2020年1月26日

You can always try a wifi enabled usb thumb drive. There are various ones out there for sale. eg:

I haven't tried this approach as yet but will soon.