The weather in NYC is calling for 68 degrees today. I want to wash the car by hand.
But.... It is gonna rain. It rains more in NYC than in Seattle. Fact.
Seattle has a higher forecast of possible rain. NYC gets more rain per year.

Lonestar10_1999 | 2020年1月12日

Reading PA climate is similar to NYC. I also took the opportunity to hand wash the car knowing that last week the roads were salted.

With the more brutal winter weather coming I am not sure how best to clean the salt off the car, especially since the user manual recommends avoiding car washes. Unfortunately there are no touchless car washes in my area.

Big_Ed | 2020年1月12日


A user named Keystone was complaining about the dust down in Texas.

Pg3ibew | 2020年1月12日

@BIG, Hahaha

Sarah R | 2020年1月12日

It rains more in NYC than in Seattle. --PG3ibew

As a native New Yorker (Lawn Gisland, actually) I'll say that yes, NYC gets rainfall by the inch, while in Southern California, a few hundredths of an inch is major flooding. But more than Seattle? I'm skeptical of the claim. I know that I was in Portland, OR for two weeks and it rained for ten days straight. Literally. Non-stop. I saw some guy in Powell's muttering something about a boat for his animals.

Lonestar10_1999 | 2020年1月12日

@Sarah R - what part of Long Island? I grew up in Long Beach.

Sarah R | 2020年1月12日


Sarah R | 2020年1月12日

Saint James, actually

Lonestar10_1999 | 2020年1月12日

You can take the girl out of Suffolk but you can’t take the Suffolk out of the girl.

Sarah R | 2020年1月12日

That's true. I have to say tat growing up in Suffahcounty was fabulous. Out in the sticks, it was so quiet I could hear the waves of the Sound half a mile away. I even remember hearing snow fall.

But the bugs! You got trees, you got bugs. Bugs everywhere. Every kind of bug. And the cicadas in the summer would make you crazy. You get a cricket or one of them click beetles in your bedroom and the little demon will rob you of a few nights sleep before you track it down and exterminate it.

But I finally had enough of hurricanes and ice storms. Now I live with the impending threat of sudden death from an earthquake or rubbing fire my life from a wildfire.

Sarah R | 2020年1月12日

*running for

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | 2020年1月12日

Oakdale here. I’ll take the rain over snow any time. However, my trunk started collecting rainwater lately. I’m taking it in to the SC tomorrow because I didn’t pay for the swimming pool in the trunk.

johnmann | 2020年1月12日

Seattle rains often, but not heavily. It can rain all day here and we only get a tenth of an inch.

Varricks | 2020年1月13日

If you wash your car in the rain, the dirt's softer and the soap gets rinsed off better.

I miss the rain down in Africa.

Love, reign o'er me.

And something about Spain.

Sarah R | 2020年1月13日

@Varricks +1

Pg3ibew | 2020年1月13日

I was watching the Chiefs get their head bashed in yesterday. At 24-0, I figured I would go out and wash the car. Damn the upcoming rain. It was windy. I gave the baby a quick wash. I came back in the house and the game was 24-21. Damn I missed a lot on 30 minutes!!!

But the baby is all shiny this morning AND IT HASNT RAINED!!!!