Black screen

Black screen

It happened at least 5 times with different firmwares, the last one today: the screen does not wake up, so I have to reboot because I need to type the code for driving. Very annoying because system is on, music starts and voice commands work but the screen is totally black. Any idea?

surfpearl | 2020年1月14日

Schedule a service appointment. Also, file a bug report next time it happens so SC can look at the time stamp in your logs. | 2020年1月14日

I agree it should not happen. @surfpearl's answer is perfect.

Nadler | 2020年1月14日

It happened to me last Sunday driving at night on a highway at about 65 MPH. First time it happened since I got the M3 in July. Made the 3 passengers in the car freak. I held down the 2 scroll wheels and the screen came back after about a minute. I had done a short SuperCharge about 10 minutes before this happened and I wonder whether that had anything to do with it. I am concerned that this might happen again, but at least I know what to do if it does. Unfortunately, "Bug Report" no longer works and other than scheduling a service appointment, I don't know how to inform Tesla.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 2020年1月14日

Mine has been "blacking out" a lot with the most recent build (2019.40.50.7). It seems like the car is more prone to deep sleep.

This evening when leaving work (where I use Sentry), I got in as normal. Screen was black but I thought nothing of it until I started moving and the car was very sluggish. I pulled into another spot and hard reset with the two thumbwheels. When it came back up the screen turned on and I was greeted with a laundry list of error codes:

Power Reduced
Traction control disabled
Stability control disabled
Regenerative braking disabled
Power reduced
Power reduced
Steering assist reduced

I heeded the power reduced advice that "Exiting and re-entering the vehicle may restore operation," which it did. All normal.

It's a little weird, but I'm not too concerned. If it repeats I'll schedule service, but given the fix, I suspect some timing issue with the interlock (my butt in the seat) and initialization of the vehicle.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 2020年1月14日
Massimo76 | 2020年1月16日


I my case the car was not charging


your problem seems to be similar to mine, I had the "regenerative braking disabled" warning too during last week, but the black screen happened with the car unlocked (no alarm) and sentry disabled (fw version 2019.40.50.7).

Sometimes it seems like the car is unable to turn on everythings, I had another black screen days ago but I waited a few seconds before resetting and it turned on very slowly. The last time it happened no way, I had to shut the system down

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 2020年1月16日

“ Sometimes it seems like the car is unable to turn on everythings”

Yep. I think it has to do with power sequencing. This is a fairly complex electrical system.