San Jose body shop experience

San Jose body shop experience

I am in need of body shop repair. The Tesla San Jose Body Shop is not responding to my requests for an appointment. Any one had any experience with Xcel Collision Center here in San Jose?


dgstan | 2020年1月20日

I was rear ended (hit and run) last summer. I tried speaking with a few Tesla-certified body shops in San Jose and it was not promising. They quoted month-long waits until they could even look at the car, and then month-long waits for parts.

Dealing with Tesla's shop was frustrating too, but I ultimately went with them, thinking they would have better access to parts. I would suggest that you keep trying. Once I got the car in there, communication was better. Repairs took forever, but they keep me informed. Ask for Jose. He'll talk your ear off, but at least you'll be talking to someone.

concertokyung | 2020年1月21日

I will my add 2 cents. My car got rear ended mid October last year, and Tesla-certified body shops all quoted at least 45 days for parts and repair. Eventually I called Tesla San Jose body shop multiple times and finally got through but their first available appointment was early December, more than a month later. I went with them anyways hoping they would get parts much faster than outside shops. Well after a month and half after putting the car in, it's still in the shop and waiting for its turn for repair as mine was deemed as high-impact and those cars have their own que. One silver lining is that once one-month rental period with insurance was over Tesla agreed to pay for the car rental (Enterprise). Estimated repair completion is early Feb, but could take longer. Hope this helps.

FISHEV | 2020年1月21日

Progressive handled it all for me. As soon as I filed claim they had repair shop and estimator lined up, rental car lined up. Repair shop's ads feature LOTS of Teslas.

They wanted me to leave car that day...too fast for me.

Ended up having the car two days and fixed. I needed no parts, just body work from a scratch.

But lesson is, maybe let your insurance company pick the repair shop.

calvin940 | 2020年1月21日

FISHEV, EAGLES, Whatever, you are a very sad and pathetic individual. Please leave and go haunt any of your other preferred auto vendors. Nobody wants you here. You are not welcome. You contribute nothing except lies and absolutely horrible math skills. Go away.

arungk | 2020年1月21日

Thanks @dgstan for the details.Overall how long did the overall process take?

Right now all e-mail communications are one way with an auto responding incident ticket update. It is kind of hilarious to watch. I still have not figured out how to talk to a person in the Body Shop. Is there a direct numbers. All numbers I have tried goes to the mother ship. I am happy to sacrifice my ear to talk to any one in the Tesla Body Shop team :)

arungk | 2020年1月21日

@concertokyung. Hopefully the wait is over soon. Thanks for details.

I will try and give a call and see if I get a human on the other end. Do you mind sharing the number you are using to call?

This external body shop xcel is very open about the process and is clear that there is an unknown number of days of waiting for the parts.

concertokyung | 2020年1月22日

Sure, this should ring the front desk, it did for me.

1460 Mabury Road
San Jose, CA 95133
(408) 964-4462

sondragol | 2020年1月22日

I've had my M3 repaired here twice and they did a great job quickly both times:

Service King Auto Body
631 Martin Ave.
Santa Clara
(408) 727-3358

arungk | 2020年1月22日

@concertokyung Thanks! @dgstan I talked to José and have an appointment n 5 weeks. Will see how it goes from here.