Great service experience!

Great service experience!

So I scheduled an appointment through the app for 2 or 3 things I needed to get done. Upon first showing up, I mentioned that I thought I left my keycard there the last time I went for a tire rotation. Assuming it had been thrown away or lost, I asked if there was a way to make a new key. He reached down, pulled out a ziplock bag with my name on it that had my keycard inside! He said "This has been here for awhile, but we kept it for you." Awesome!

They reviewed the things I wanted done: tire rotation, fixing a taillight that had moisture in it, and clean my A/C along with replacing the cabin filter. He checked my tires and verified what I suspected: they need replacing. I told him I would hold off (I plan on getting the cheaper Continentals as discussed on another useful thread), so he obviously cancelled the tire rotation portion. He said they would replace the taillight as part of the warranty, put a cleaning foam in the A/C to get rid of the mold/mildew, replace the cabin filter, and also change some pins in my charging port per a service bulletin at no cost.

I decided to wait there and from the app, it showed that my car was in service and even gave me an estimated time it would be done! This was a new feature from the app that I didn't relaize was there. They finished even earlier than the estimated time and only charged me $115 for all of the above! Not only that, but I could also pay for service from the app using Apple Pay. Another really cool feature! Wow!

It was a great service experience. Everyone was very friendly and I was once again happy that I'm a Tesla customer. So, shout out to the Indianapolis Service Station!

tm4000m | 2020年1月21日

Just to hop on the bandwagon, I has set up an appointment through the app for a passenger seat lumbar issue. Mobile service came out, did the same charging port pins recall work, and replaced the entire passenger seat bladder system in about an hour, all while the car was in the parking lot at my office. Silly convenient, service tech was super nice, and it was easily one of the best "auto service" experiences I have ever had.

Joshan | 2020年1月21日

nice to see real posts from actual owners about reality. Thanks for the info!

M3phan | 2020年1月21日

excellent! Been my similar experience at my SC. Great service. Great people.

aslammazad | 2020年1月21日

Have had two visits from mobile service. Both were outstanding!

raqball | 2020年1月21日

The service center in Portland has always been stellar! The mobile service tech who came and installed my Homelink was also stellar. No complaints at all...

billstanton | 2020年1月22日

Dittos, Dublin CA service center. Persistent seat belt alert. Perfect service in every way.

stebo1 | 2020年1月22日

I scheduled windshield and glass roof replacement. Got a text a week prior to appointment confirming that I wanted this for sure so that they could order glass. When I confirmed that I would definitely be replacing both due to a rock hitting them, they replied that both were in stock at my service center and they would put a hold on them for me to make sure they were not used for someone else. Arrived at my appointment time, was given a Model S 90D as a loaner (had EAP which I had never used before), and car was finished by end of day. They wanted it to cure overnight so I picked it up the next morning. Everything went PERFECT. Tesla is getting their stuff together!

I even got a text last week asking if I wanted to come in earlier but I held off until my appointment due to proximity of the SC to my work.