AI in autopilot

AI in autopilot

I tried to undestand the possible effects of AI in the autopilot functions, and I know that with AI tesla is able to recognize from a single frame if a car has for instance a bycicle on the roof, I understand that raindrops are similar all over the world and with these images the auto wiper function can work, that AI could filter the good speed if it rains or snows for a well known road etc. but I have 2 questions and I hope somebody can give me an answer:

?1) If you drive a road where nobody has ever been, I suppose that AI can recognize if there is a man or dog on the street , but surely not optimize your speed on that road, How many data are necessary till AI can give an useful advice? 100 or a million?
?2) how can a single car memorize in realtime all these possible AI infos? the transfer speed and quantity of data seems to be too big if 100.000 cars are driving in the same moment

thanks renato

EVRider | 2020年1月25日

That’s not how it works. I suggest watching this video presentation by Tesla’s AI Director Andrej Kaparthy to get a better understanding:

mhimadri95 | 2020年2月4日

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franzellin | 2020年2月9日

Thanks for the answers. I had already seen the video about ai. But following One of the last news that Tesla is planning micro maps for potholes the question about the number of data are necessary to register a pothole and give the info to another Tesla driving on the same street is open

My second question was more practical than analytical. If you have 100.000 cars on the street you need a huge communication Network to have continuous bidirectional info transferts in Real Time. Or you do not it in real time but for instance all 5 minutes. What is the case in autopilot?

EVRider | 2020年2月9日

@franzellin: I don't think you got some of the points of the video. There's no vehicle-to-vehicle communication -- video and other data from the cars gets uploaded to the Tesla servers periodically (doesn't have to be in real time), and Tesla pushes updates to the cars periodically. The number of cars on the road doesn't have a huge impact.

franzellin | 2020年2月10日

ok, thanks

sneazzy95 | 2020年3月5日

This video is clear and it explains the situation perfectly, so THANK YOU !

Sarah R | 2020年3月6日

@franzellin - The AI in Autopilot learns how to drive roads that it's never seen before the same way you do: by its past experience. It looks at what's in front of it and determines what it's the driveable space. It does lots of math really fast to calculate the speed to take a curve by looking at the radius of the curve. Your brain does that calculus without you having to think about it, but it's really Congress stuff.

That's the nature of AI. Learning the AI is about showing it lots of examples until it can make the correct decisions with data it's never seen before.