Have you sold your TSLA over $500?

Have you sold your TSLA over $500?

The actual price stock includes the potential valuation of the company with the next 2 years of predicted growth.

Has anyone sold its stock to cash out profits and buy again following stock volatility or everybody is holding till the full expected growth and mass disruption of the auto/tech industry make the other legacy automaker collapse.

shuene | 2020年1月27日

Holding on for the long run

stevencsimpson | 2020年1月27日

Sold all my stock at 7AM EST. Very concerned that the Corona virus will curb the Chineese's appitite for making any large purchases when they are concerned about dying.

Ross1 | 2020年1月27日

I am thinking it is wise to have a continuous holding, hold at least a token amount, so that when TSLA goes private, we retain our lot due to loyalty.
This was mooted by Elon during the 420 saga.

Ross1 | 2020年1月27日

I actually bought more at 575ish

stevencsimpson | 2020年1月27日

I started buying in September at $229.00 and bought more just 2 weeks ago. I think the stock will take a dive if Corona spikes as expected! I will get back in when Corona concerns subside.

Yodrak. | 2020年1月27日


Tesla-David | 2020年1月28日

Nope, I am holding long till stock hits $6,000/share! Brought my shares in 2010 IPO at $25/share. I am comfortable with the volatility and how well Tesla is performing in accomplishing its mission.

Mike83 | 2020年1月28日

Like Tesla-David I am holding and actually adding shares if the technicals warrant it.

StayThePhoqueHome | 2020年1月28日

I got some spare money to throw in,
Was waiting to see the effect of coronavirus frenzy

rob | 2020年1月28日

looking at a straddle before earnings but premiums probably already built in on both sides.

Tesla2018 | 2020年1月28日

Bought some today thinking that it will go up after the earnings call tommorow.

jimglas | 2020年1月29日

Will sell at $4,000
maybe | 2020年1月29日

Corona virus may affect all carmakers, but I suspect Tesla a lot less than others.

BuffaloBillsFan | 2020年1月29日

Holding . . . Every dollar that I have invested so far (at various price points) has earned me at least $2.50. After tomorrow, my financial adviser will advise me to sell some stock to realize gains. I will not do so. I have a long-term position, and I am not changing it unless something terrible happens. I expect a $1000+ stock price by June . . . That said, the urge to realize my gains is not absent.

I believe there is still room for massive growth and I am not selling anytime soon. I am wondering when the stock will split. ? 2/1? ? 3/1? When it splits, I think I will invest more.

Mel. | 2020年1月29日

Tesla has an air purification system that will be appreciated in China, no other car has a similar system

akgolf | 2020年1月29日

Got in at $228 and still holding. Which I had bought more.

David N | 2020年1月30日

In it for the long haul.
There is a lot going in Tesla’s favor right now. Each Model released is better than the previous. The Y may very well be the one that solidifies Tesla as a major threat to OEM’s.
Tesla will not be able to make the Y fast enough.
Elon said on the call that Cybertruck pre orders have exceeded three to four years of production. What the heck!
No other manufacturer is any where close to what Tesla offers. They are all 5 years behind. Their Electric Vehicles when compared to Tesla fail in every category.
I listened to CNBC’s Analysts and Traders after numbers were released and even with today’s report they were still talking same old crap.
They just don’t get it. They are like Ford, and GM in their thinking. They are looking at Tesla as just another car company.
Earlier January Jim Cramer finally got tired of fighting Tesla using the old stand by metrics, and declared “I give in”, “I can’t take it anymore”. He is on board now.
Tesla May continue to dip down on any bad news reported in the mass media, but overall the future is looking purdy darn good.
“Sell at 500” ? Heck no.
I can’t, it’s already in the 650 range.
Go Tesla!

StayThePhoqueHome | 2020年1月30日


That would be a good moment to cash out for Buy Low Sell High philosophy

I guess some investors will cash out and sell some shares now and the stock will dip back to 600$ in the next few days

Might be wrong though

Ross1 | 2020年1月30日

I dont think he did, ^^^ but he did suggest the preorders are unlike anything he has seen before. This may mean it surpasses M3 and MY orders.

SCCRENDO | 2020年1月30日

@David N. I’ll buy your stock at $500

andy.connor.e | 2020年1月30日

I wouldnt be surprised if the cybertruck reservations have surpassed Model 3.

Also, thanks tesla for helping me rake in the dough

Jillith | 2020年1月30日

It's so tempting to sell. My advisor is pushing, but I'm in for the long haul.

Tesla-David | 2020年1月30日

I have been holding long since 2010, and would never sell my TSLA unless desperate for cash. This company is on an incredible trajectory and will be disrupting many industries. This recent talk by Tony Seba is well worth a listen. His predictions have been spot on, and he is predicting most vehicle purchases by 2025 will be EVs (Tesla) not ICE vehicles.

StayThePhoqueHome | 2020年1月30日

My advisor told me not to buy TSLA because they were not profitable and not paying dividend, I bought 420 shares without telling him.

He made me buy bbd.b bombardier stock because he said the financial restructuring plan was good and the company would be greatly profitable. It turned out the train division did not deliver, Deutsh Banh refuse to take delivery of the trains, the stock crumbled 32% in one day, I’m -250k with this shitty company and +150k with TSLA. Thanks to his « Warren Buffet » way of investing only in « well established successful companies »

Cybertruckee | 2020年1月30日

Sold mine but watching for another opportunity to buy back in when current irrational exuberance dies down.

andy.connor.e | 2020年1月30日

I dont see any reason that the stock would not continue to go up. Unless the economy crashed or something, but then every company would be suffering from that.

artc1688 | 2020年1月30日

All my friends bought Tesla after I told them how much I love Tesla and laughing to the bank!!!
My wife does not allow me to buy any stocks given my poor track record (buy-n-forget)....
happy for my friends who bought it at $190!

bryan.whitton | 2020年2月2日

I purchased $1000 worth when it was $34/share. I have sold and repurchased until I now have 106 shares. I have taken out the original $1000 so everything is now gravy.
With this last jump, about $640 my wife wants me to sell. I told her no, In March/April it is going to jump again. I will sell when I see it is no longer innovating or growing.
I am concerned about China but only in the time needed to recover after the Coronavirus health scare. After that, assuming it isn't too severe, all should be good.

AHavrilla | 2020年2月2日

I sold some at $550-working on my Model Y fund. I'm over 1/3 of the way there! (not just from this one sale.) Planning on selling 3-4 shares every $50 stock price increase. But I'll buy more on a dip.

AHavrilla | 2020年2月2日

OOPs, I actually meant I sold at $650, not $550!

StayThePhoqueHome | 2020年2月3日

Soon we will be able to make a thread: how many shares have you sold above 1000$?

SamO | 2020年2月3日

Zero. Holding until $22,000.

Tesla-David | 2020年2月3日

Zero for me too. I have no plans to sell my shares, because Tesla is just getting started. Tony Seba's predictions are spot on, and everyone will be driving EVs, living in solar powered homes with battery storage systems. Tesla is the only company positioned to accommodate the whole package. They are way more than a car company, they are a tech company with a plan to save the habitability of the planet for future generations. I am a proud Tesla owner/investor.

andy.connor.e | 2020年2月3日

Tesla is literally just getting started. The Model 3 was like the real birth of Tesla. Model Y, Cybertruck, Semi, Roaster 2. It has not even begun yet.

andy.connor.e | 2020年2月3日

Wait for battery day. It will jump 20% like a good earnings call.

akgolf | 2020年2月3日


Put part of my retirement IRA into Tesla.


bgbythsea | 2020年2月3日

I was tempted, didn't; glad I didn't.

Mtnrunner | 2020年2月3日

Plan to buy more even with the jump today, at market value. Just liquidated another tech company doing well but not nearly the growth potential of TSLA. Yes it will get hit by short sellers but the bouncing ball is bouncing higher up than down defying gravity.

With the Y being delivered early, semi, solar, and cybertruck selling now would be wreckless. With short term gains come taxes. Buy more now cuz the writing is on the wall and it says ICE and Oil is done.