List of Reliable TeslaCam / Sentry Mode Storage Devices

List of Reliable TeslaCam / Sentry Mode Storage Devices

Sorry, I know there’s a mega thread on USB/SSD/USB devices that works and doesn’t work for people for different amounts of time. But there’s hundreds of posts and it’s difficult to sift through what’s reliable.

Is there a single compiled list of reliable storage devices for teslacam/sentry mode that last a long time (maybe 1 year+)? I’m surprised Tesla doesn’t have specific recommended products.

I made the mistake getting a Samsung MUF-256AB/AM FIT Plus 256GB - 300MB/s USB 3.1 Flash Drive that last between 12/09/2019 to 01/20/2020 (5wks) before getting low write speed and insufficient space errors every day (it has 105gb if free space btw). I’m in northern VA so high outside temperatures (in Dec-Jan) shouldn’t have been a large contributing factor to operation failure in my case.

Much thanks. | 2020年1月31日

I now recommend SD cards with an adapter. They are the only ones rated for the car's temperature range. Here is my entire list:

rob | 2020年1月31日


How are you viewing the videos? Mac, PC, phone?
just curious.

scott | 2020年2月1日

If you are getting a Full message when it has 'space free' it it likely that when you empty it, the drive is not really giving the space back. On Mac's, if you put the files in the Trash, it wont release the space back to the drive until you empty the Trash. Thats so you can see and recover items in there. They are only marked as deleted.

I have two Samsung FIT Plus usb sticks that I rotate. They have worked for over a year just fine. I got the Full message, made the mistake of deleting without emptying the trash and went back and tried a second time. I got the Slow message and did the same deletion. Since then it's all worked fine with dashcam and sentry.

I also bought them direct from Best Buy. Too many flash products online are cheap fakes with perfect labelling and identical boxes to the real Sandisk/Samsung/etc. Those ones are super poor quality and will always fail. Going straight to BestBuy *should* mean that they come direct from the manufacturer and not a shady third party fraudster.