Telsa Service Failure

Telsa Service Failure

Does anyone have a good method of getting service from Telsa? Light went on saying 12v battery needs replacement. Made an appointment through the app. No show, no contact. I found out later than were out of stock of the battery (but they will sell you a new car with the same battery in it, of course). I scheduled another appointment. This time, I was concerned about sitting around for two hours waiting, so I called. Phone system says all appointments are through the app, but the app doesn't mention my upcoming appointment and there is no way to do anything to confirm. So I call and pretend I want to buy a car. Now I get through immediately, and transferred to service, who says no, they are not showing up today and he does not know when they will have a battery for me.

I own a 2014 model S and a 2019 model 3. I'm a good customer, and a repeat customer. Love the cars. But the service is now to the point where I don't think I can buy one again.

Bighorn | 2020年1月31日

The supply shortage is well known and discussed in multiple other threads. It's a supplier issue and usually not time critical.

PrescottRichard | 2020年1月31日

Assuming you are going to have to buy a new battery consider an Ohmmu replacement. I’ve seen a few people on the AZ facebook Tesla page who are very happy with them, and I plan on getting one once my battery dies (maybe even before).

As BH stated, Tesla is constrained due to a supplier. I can see why Tesla decided to make their own HV batteries now.

sschuman | 2020年1月31日

Thanks for the quick replies. I may well get the Ohmmu replacement, and go around Telsa on this.

What to do, however, about the more general problem that Tesla is so unresponsive? We've bought cars with unique technology, and limited parts. We depend on Telsa for support

RedShift | 2020年1月31日

I had a bad service experience yesterday too. Repeat buyer, Tesla told me all rattles (no matter how annoying or loud) are on my dime.

They said its costs the company a lot to debug and fix rattles, and even my 7 year old S had the rattles excluded from warranty. But they used to do it out of goodwill. Now, they say ‘they want to survive and grow as a company, so they cannot fix rattles’.

I asked them do they value repeat customers, and do they value bad word of mouth from existing customers.

They then reluctantly lubricated the front drivers door hinges and basically told me to go away. Problem is not fixed.

Not happy, will talk to some folks within Tesla soon.

nukequazar | 2020年2月1日

Elon needs to cut service in order to maximize profits to earn his obscene multi-billion-dollar paycheck.

jimglas | 2020年2月1日

Jealous much? | 2020年2月1日

Another typical fake fact post from @nuke. Elon gets paid $0 and has not gotten any paycheck. He has a future option that gives him some stock that may occur or may not depending on how well the company does. If the company does fantastic - way beyond any analyst's prediction back in 2018, he'll do well as will all the shareholders and employees. If the company just does great, Elon will get no new stock or paycheck. Nuke - I would avoid taking stock from your paymasters - they are on the road to failure - only take cash. | 2020年2月1日

@sschuman - Yep that clearly could be handled better. I hope you get your battery, but it's generally not an urgent item. I would be concerned as it gets out to the 4-week mark since the warning. The battery has also changed over the years, so the battery needed for your 2014 S may not even be the same type used in current production. | 2020年2月1日

@RedShift - Yes, it was nice when they could afford to fix some items years out of warranty. I think those days are long gone. Not sure what car company offers free repairs out of warranty, but I've heard it happening in rare instances from some automakers. | 2020年2月1日

Just checked the parts catalog and confirmed the pre-refresh S uses a different 12v battery than the refreshed S made in April 2016 or later.

Pre Refresh specifies the C&D Technologies DCS33-UNCR battery
Refresh S specifies AtlasBX U1 AGM battery

I don't know if they are interchangeable or not, or if there is a retrofit kit to make the newer battery work in older cars. I think they are different sizes but have not confirmed that.

RedShift | 2020年2月1日


This is not for my 7 year old S. It’s for my 1.4 years old 3.

I just found out they charged me $97 for a problem that did not fix. They didn’t give me an estimate and get my signature. They just lubed the hinges in like 5 minutes and charged nearly $100.

I am going back and talking to the manager at the SC. The reason I’m unhappy is that they didn’t even try to see if whatever they did actually fixed the problem. I saw a few other people who were just told to ‘go home’. There’s something wrong in the picture here.

See these cars aren’t cheap. To be treated shoddily is unacceptable.

Tldickerson | 2020年2月1日

These bad reports from some of our respected Tesla owners is really getting out of hand. It's to bad that Tesla doesn't come to this site and read what their good customers are saying about their service centers.

Bighorn | 2020年2月1日

Service monitors the forums

NKYTA | 2020年2月1日

I’ll have a word with Burlingame. I’m missing charger pins but have been holding offf

jordanrichard | 2020年2月2日

To a very large degree, this is a result of 3 factors.
1. They rushed deliveries, not properly educating new owners, which leads to more post delivery concerns/service appointments,
2. They had a significant increase in sales.
3. They cut personnel to appease Wall Street.

barrykmd | 2020年2月2日

In other words, poor management.

trixiew | 2020年2月2日

1+ Jordanrichard

Last time I was in service they fixed an issue I created, while I waited. Perfectly good service, communication, and follow through that I paid for. Nothing weird or unexpected.

I was there for about 2 1/2 hours and heard service people talking with other owners who brought their cars in for warranty stuff. Virtually all of them had issues with normal stuff that they just needed education about. Several were worried about their batteries. It’s got to be killing the service people.

Tldickerson | 2020年2月2日

@Bighorn, if service is monitoring this forum and reading the complaints about their service departments it apparently doesn't bother them that they have treated their loyal customers like RedShift and quite a few others the way they have. Repeat customers are very important in business and in time they may very well loose a lot of these past customers.

RedShift | 2020年2月2日

IMHO this is should be a concern to Tesla. Short term growth, long term loss of customer confidence.

SbMD | 2020年2月2日

@Red and @Tldickerson + 1

Hard to say how common the difficulties are, but at the local level the Service Centers need to be aware that they run the risk of eroding their customer base. The company has been very customer-focused which has led them here. It is a common problem to lose this focus and have to find it again. Just ask Starbucks.

Bighorn | 2020年2月2日

It’s hard to both scale and screen for talent without either compromising on quality or quantity. Plenty of people have been reached out to by service after complaining here.

tes-s | 2020年2月2日

Why do you think Tesla is unresponsive? If you need a 12v battery, why would you want them to have you come in for service when they don't have the part? Because that is what other car dealers would do?

It is a non-critical issue, and when they have the part they will contact you to schedule an appointment. Makes sense to me. | 2020年2月2日

@RedShift - Sorry I missed that you're talking about your 3. I figured since you're in the S forum and you never mentioned your 3 in your earlier post, I expected you're talking about an S. I didn't realize you mixed multiple issues across different cars. I hope you were clearer with Tesla!

As for running down rattles, ideally, on your 3, they should figure it out. My guess is about 70% of the time in the past, techs spent a lot of time, only to discover the owner stuff causing the problem - items left in the frunk, trunk, center console, cubby, door pockets, glove box, or under the seats. It's also difficult when such items are intermittent. If at all possible, it's worth trying to run down the approximate location and when it occurs. It can save a lot of tech time, and perhaps you'll even find the cause/solution and avoid a service call altogether.

RedShift | 2020年2月2日


I told them exactly what I thought needed fixing. I am very handy with tools and could probably fix this issue by myself, but I think it’s a bad molding that keeps rubbing the door frame. So I went to the service center.

When the tech told me they’d be lubricating the hinges, I told them I thought the fix was to the molding that houses the tweeter. They disagreed. So I told them, ‘ well this is your car, you know better, probably ‘.

Of course, the lubrication did not fix the issue.

It is my time that’s getting wasted too, but Tesla service guys act as if I am wasting their time. That to me is very upsetting.

Not a good way to keep existing and loyal customers happy.

There has to be some middle ground. I don’t mind paying for some s small things. It’s how much you have to argue to get them to even fix an issue, that too, at a cost to you, on a car that’s just 1.4 years old. When you fix something at cost to the customer, make sure it’s actually fixed. Don’t tell the customer ‘to check if it’s fixed and come back to us if it is not’. Which is what they told me!

I am telling you, this will come to bite Tesla in their efforts to scale. Scale means expanding your SAM. SAM could be really huge if Tesla does things right. Good word of mouth means a lot when you don’t advertise. If you get a bad reputation for after sales service, how is it good for Tesla in the long run?