Carvana Experience Model S 2015

Carvana Experience Model S 2015

I purchased two cars and sold one so far from Carvana in a year.

1) Financing: Easy to finance if you have an overall or better score. Downpayment could change dramatically according to your score.

2) Car: Tesla Model S 2015 - Exterior and Interior photos very good and you get what you see

3) Car Specs: I believe it's a Tesla specific problem. Carvana doesn't know what they are selling. Written specs can lead you to make the wrong decision. By the way, the car I purchased has more specs than they stated on their website. But sometimes, specs could be less as well. Be cautious. If you ask specific questions to customer service, probably they would not know the answer. I tried. Additionally, Tesla Call won't give you single answer before you transfer the ownership. It's like owning an Iphone without the Internet. The car becomes useless or not fully functioning, I can say. When you buy Tesla, you want to summon the vehicle, use the supercharger, use Tesla APP. But not before the transfer of ownership, my friend! VIN does not say anything. They won't tell you a single spec about your car from your VIN. I tried and failed, at least..

4) Mechanical Issues: I had mechanical issues with my two cars. The first one was MB ML 350, and the car stayed at the dealership like a week, even the steering wheel changed. BUT, I did not pay anything for that.
With Tesla, I am currently having different problems. Like around 70 miles car start to vibrate, speakers are not working well, driver seat shifting forward when you brake! The Steering wheel is worn so much! I asked the replacement and repair from their warranty company, Silverrock. It's been nearly four days, my car sitting at Facility. Tesla first prepared an estimate, silverrock asked from adjuster to inspect, now we are waiting for him to finalize his report. We'll see how it goes. I'll write another comment when I receive the car.

5) More Tesla Knowledge: Carvana needs to know more information about what they are selling. I picked up the car from Philadelphia and starting driving to NY with 110 miles charge. I was thinking that I am going to find a supercharger on my way and charge it up. The guy working at Carvana told me that you should able to supercharge it right away. But you can't do it before you transfer the ownership at Tesla. However, after having 3-4 calls with Tesla Call Center, they were able to make the transfer in 5 minutes; however, in normal conditions, it takes around 3-4 business days, I suppose. So make your plan before picking up the car. They agree to make the transfer after having three different calls.

6) When it comes to Tesla, the production month says lots of things. They need to mention production month! The month is everything.