Youtube entertainment

Youtube entertainment

I am not sure if this is an "old guy" problem, an ID Ten T problem, or an incompatibility, but today, trying to use the Youtube in the entertainment chapter of the latest software, I was unable to logon to my Youtube account. Youtube posted the error that it was an unsupported browser. I can get to youtube, just not my youtube account or my youtube TV
Anyone know of a workaround or is this being addressed in a kiss and makeup tea between Elon and Jeff?

raffidesigns | 2020年2月1日

if you are able to access YouTube through the Tesla Theater page and play a video, it may be just a restart/scroll wheel reset. It could also be a YouTube server error.

As long as you are able to access YouTube either via the browser app or the YouTube app, it just may be reset.

to restart a Model X.

Place your foot on the brake and keep it there, although some believe this is optional, it does no harm.
Now press and hold both buttons above the scroll wheels, and the scroll wheels on either side of the steering wheel
Hold for up to 10 seconds and the drivers dash/screen will reboot
Wait, keeping your foot on the brake. Eventually the screens will restart.

Mike | 2020年2月1日

Thanks, Ill give a reboot a try. I trust others are able to sign into Youtube from the Tesla Theater with their account without issues and this is localized to me then.

Mike | 2020年2月1日

Nope, rebooting didnt change anything. I can play a youtube video from the Tesla Theater, but if I try to sign in to my Youtube account (upper right corner), I am taken to a browser page to login, I try and Google error says it is an incompatible browser and will not allow a log into my google/youtube account.

msattler | 2020年2月1日

I have the same problem and think it is a You Tube security issue. At first I thought it was due two step verification, butI turned that off in the You Tube security settings but that didn’t work. I’m guessing it doesn’t think the Tesla browser is secure. I’ve tried a few of the other You Tube security settings but nothing has worked.

Mike | 2020年2月3日

Exactly...thanks for the confirmation its not an ID Ten T problem, but rather an issue to be discussed between Elon and Sundar over a tea or single malt for resolution
#Elonmusk your up!

Vawlkus | 2020年2月3日

It’s a security certificate issue. It’ll clear in a couple of days.

msattler | 2020年2月3日

Not sure what a few days means, but I've had my 2020 Model X since 12/10/19 and it hasn't cleared.

Vawlkus | 2020年2月4日

Ah, I thought this was recent. That being the case something else is going on there.

sandeepnagra | 2020年3月19日

It's won't allow you to login if you have 2 factor authentication enabled under security in your Google account. What I have done is that I created a separate Google account with single factor (password only) authentication and added it to my family so that it gets my YouTube premium features.

msattler | 2020年4月12日

I have fought this for several months but accidentally found a way around. I was signing into my Chik-fil-a account from my Model X and signed in using my gmail account. The account sent code via text and I signed in. After that, all of the Google related accounts now work, including gmail, you tube, you tube tv. They had never worked before, always getting a security message about the browser.