Non-Tesla approved body shop.

Non-Tesla approved body shop.

Will tesla work with a non-testa arrived body shop?

andy.connor.e | 2020年2月10日

Would you let a non-tesla approved body shop work on your Tesla?

marty.fix | 2020年2月10日

Yes. Corporate approval does not mean that they are good.

TabascoGuy | 2020年2月10日

Non approved shops may have trouble getting parts and information from Tesla.

Techy James | 2020年2月10日

Tesla approved shop means they have went through the proper training to work on Tesla and can do repairs, making the vehicle just like new. Tesla uses a Heaver Aluminum Alloy then traditional car manufactures, meaning they need the different equipment to work on the body panels. In addition you have all the sensors used for AP and FSD features, any error here could be seriously jeopardizing your life.

slf1881 | 2020年2月10日

There are many quality bosy shops that could do repair work and probably do an excellant job, BUT, having a Tesla Approved shop as Techy James posted they should have a understanding of all the little things the Tesla might have that other shops might not know about like clip placement or how to remove panels. Safest bet would be to go to an approved shop I think.

EVRider | 2020年2月10日

Tesla-approved body shops also know how to recalibrate the AP cameras if required.