14-50 NEMA adapters still out of stock- over 1 month

14-50 NEMA adapters still out of stock- over 1 month

I've been checking Tesla's website 4-5 times a day to see when the 14-50 adapters will be back in stock, ever since I ordered the car
in January. The website still shows out of stock, it's been over a month. I've added my email address for notification, but prefer to check
since email servers can be very slow at times.

Does Tesla even have plans on getting stock on these again?

Does anyone from Tesla monitor these forums?


trauh | 2020年2月10日

This is disgustingly irresponsible of them if true.

-TheJohn- | 2020年2月10日

I had an email alert setup as well but then I thought to ask at our local SC and they had a box of them.
I snagged one from them and of course received an email notification that the store has them again the next day.

TonyCappellini | 2020年2月10日

>>then I thought to ask at our local SC
What is SC?

I sent an email to Tesla today, their reply is that they would be back in stock in March

Scrannel | 2020年2月10日

Got mine from delivery point.

dha510 | 2020年2月10日

Received email from Online order support stating that NEMA 14-50 adapter stock should be replenished within 7-10 business days. Email was received Saturday, Feb. 8th

CharleyBC | 2020年2月10日

Two thoughts, one of which was mentioned above:

1) Individual service centers may have them in stock locally. Call yours and ask.

2) Until several months ago, all Model 3s shipped with a 14-50 adapter as standard equipment. There's bound to be some subset of those folks who never use theirs, and might be happy to sell you one. (Not me. 14-50 is our normal daily plug-in.)

lbowroom | 2020年2月10日

"What is SC?"

Service Center

PNWTeslad | 2020年2月10日

Try these. I got a L6-30 from them and it is well made. Fits well.

RayNLA | 2020年2月11日
-TheJohn- | 2020年2月11日

Dude.. Try reading. That Ebay listing is only for the fabric case that the connector comes in.

RayNLA | 2020年2月12日

If you scroll down you will see multiple sellers selling the actual adapter.
Sorry for trying to help.

audi2tesla | 2020年2月12日

Picked mine up at local service center last night on delivery of my M3. I'm guessing service centers may have them in stock?

bill | 2020年2月19日

I was going to get the 14-50 adapter and install a 50 amp outlet on the outside of the house. But found out that with the mobile cord I would be limited to only 32 amp with my Model 3. I did get the 6-50 and installed a 40 amp outlet, which charges at the same 32 amp rate. I get 30 MPH of range with this set up. Cost me $75 to install the outlet. I can't see getting the wall charger for $500 that would only give me an additional 14 MPH. I only charge over night so the extra saving of 2 hours doesn't matter.

coselectric | 2020年2月19日

They're going on eBay for about $60-$80, there's a ton of them listed.