iPhone does not charge when vehicle is in motion

iPhone does not charge when vehicle is in motion

My question- is this normal?

Frank99 | 2020年2月13日

My iPhone 8 charges fine while in motion. Maybe a bad connection that disconnects due to vibration? Check both ends of the cable, and make sure the phone connects securely, and your case isn’t interfering.

lbowroom | 2020年2月13日

My money is on case interference

bradbomb | 2020年2月13日

More info needed. Are you using USB cables or did you get a Qi Charger? If a Qi charger, which brand?

rdfield | 2020年2月13日

I use a USB cable. As this is not normal (not to charge while in motion) I'll investigate. Many thanks for your help.

yudansha™ | 2020年2月13日

I charge 4 phones while driving.

quinney | 2020年2月13日

The iPhone must be unlocked and open to charge. If you plug it in without opening it, it won't charge.

loosej89 | 2020年2月13日

Have you tried all 4 USB ports ?

lbowroom | 2020年2月13日

Unless I’m wrong, the fronts are data ports, the first time you plug an iPhone in you have to allow connection on the phone. The rear ports are power only and will charge no matter what.

Fredvanngo | 2020年2月14日

Just Plug it in and unlock your iphone to charge.