Regarding Model X whistling noise

Regarding Model X whistling noise

Hi Folks,

I wanted to let everyone know that I finally took my Model X to the local Tesla location. They gave me $500 worth of Uber rides. And the issue has now resolved.

Happy to report that there is no more whistling in my car. All is well.

The Model X is a buy. Regards.

slf1881 | 2020年2月28日

What was the actuall repair they did to fix it?

bryan321 | 2020年2月29日

@Mrotr565 I am happy to hear that the issue has now resolved.
Best of luck.

pvboccasam | 2020年3月4日

My X is randomly beeping in the garage short close door do I keep it quiet

pvboccasam | 2020年3月4日

My X is randomly beeping in the garage short close door do I keep it quiet

Vawlkus | 2020年3月4日

Move your key fob further away from where your car is parked, or get a faraday cage container to put your keys in.

Dcam1967 | 2020年3月4日

Our whistling Model X was solved and I was told by service it was the side mirror which was replaced. Now the whistling is back! OMG it drives us crazy on road trips!

hilliard528 | 2020年4月11日

Can anyone help with the cause of the whistling in X. One person above said resolved with no reason for whistle. Thx

MIRHOUMAN | 2020年4月12日

They ask me to pay for a noise test and it is not covered under warranty! You're Lucky they gave you the Uber credit. I paid $428 out of pocket for rental car in their Dublin, CA service center with no refund!!!!

hilliard528 | 2020年4月14日

Any resolution on whistle? My new 2020 X has it sporadically a self fix would be great. Whenever I had a noise like this in a new car they would not charge since warranty. Seems odd.

aravi | 2020年4月16日

I had/have same whistling issues (while driving between 25-35mph) on both sides. Before lockdown I test drove with a technician. After service, they said it was the issues with mirror and added extra silicon (due to reduced service, we did not go post service inspection). After service, I still hear it on the passenger side. Need to take it back!

igroza | 2020年4月20日

I had the same issue with both mirrors. They applied silicon under the mirrors (a little visible) but the whistling stopped. Mobile service cannot do it. Don't accept it. It needs to be done in the shop. Mine was kept overnight to dry. No problems since then. Good luck.

hilliard528 | 2020年4月21日

Igroza - would you mind post picture of repair perhaps I can do it myself since SC is 3 hours away. Thx

hilliard528 | 2020年4月22日

Tesla SC heard my whistle and pit silicone somewhere around mirrors. Car being brought back Thursday will advise if fixed whistle.

hilliard528 | 2020年4月24日

Whistling gone, it looks like as stated above, clear silicone in mirror gap. I say easy DIY fix. Not sure how to post a picture on here. Let me know if that would be helpful and how to please. Thx

veshnu | 2020年4月27日

@ hilliard528. Is it side rear view mirror or quarter glass and window glass gap? Can u please attach pics. I am getting the same on front passenger side. Body shop said it’s because of side rear view mirror. They said they replaced it. Two days later it started again.

hilliard528 | 2020年4月28日

@veshnu how do you post a picture?