My Tesla Saved My Butt

My Tesla Saved My Butt

I was on my way into work this morning and the Tesla took control and moved me over to avoid an oncoming semi truck that had crossed the center line into my lane. I did not realize that the Tesla would do this when I wasn’t using FSD or auto anything... I was just driving and thinking I was in full control. Thank you Tesla!

teslamazing | 2020年3月11日

Nice to hear. Glad your safe. AP is phenomenal

j0hnnyb1 | 2020年3月11日

Teslamazing: thank you! I’m truly amazed by this car. I really didn’t think it was watching out for me unless I engaged AP but I was mistaken. I’m still learning about what all it can do but I’m a firm believer now.

Resist | 2020年3月11日

Apparently you didn't research information about the car before you bought it, or you would have know this.

teslamazing | 2020年3月11日

@resist. No.

apodbdrs | 2020年3月11日

Don't let the people at CNBC know, they will make up some story that your car attempted to kill you!

Magic 8 Ball | 2020年3月11日

Got video? Here is another alleged AP head on avoidance:

Sky Pilot | 2020年3月11日

I like AP/TACC/FSD, but I'm still wondering why it doesn't have an automatic collision avoidance system without having to turn on AP/TACC/FSD. Cars costing much much less than the 3 have an automatic collision avoidance system, i.e., it hits the brakes if you're not paying attention so you don't rear end the vehicle in front of you. All I get is a load noise and the car I'm about to hit turns red in the display. That's no system, that's like the side mirror lights on my wife's Kia that illuminates when you're too close to another vehicle.

DiminishedSeventh | 2020年3月11日

Umm. There is. It’s called AEB. Make sure it’s turn on in your settings.

GHammer | 2020年3月11日

@skypilot My AP1 car has saved me from a collision by automatically braking. Have you hit anybody after the warning went off, if not then the car did it's job.

Sky Pilot | 2020年3月11日

AEB is turned on and I'm just saying that if I get too close to the vehicle in front of me and I'm not braking I get loud beeping and the car in the display turns red. I'm not going to tempt fate by hitting the car in front of me to test the system.

Sky Pilot | 2020年3月11日

@GHammer. When the beeping goes off and the car turns red I hit my brakes.

DiminishedSeventh | 2020年3月11日

Right. And if you didn’t, the car would brake for you. Which is what you claim it won’t do.

The noise and visuals are a warning. If you don’t take action, the car will.

Sky Pilot | 2020年3月11日

@DiminishedSeventh / GHammer - I will take your word that it's there and hope it never gets tested.

DiminishedSeventh | 2020年3月11日

I have my warning set to late and I still have had AEB engage twice. Both times were unnecessary, but I’d rather it be a little more cautious just in case. I also drive aggressively (as one has to in Chicago traffic), so most people probably would have braked earlier in the same situation.

Nakid | 2020年3月11日

Sky Pilot "I like AP/TACC/FSD, but I'm still wondering why it doesn't have an automatic collision avoidance system without having to turn on AP/TACC/FSD."

Did you read the OP? He was tankful it avoided the collision DESPITE not having those turned on.


Sky Pilot | 2020年3月12日

@najid - what a jack@$$! Of course I read the OP's post. Just because his worked, doesn't mean mine does, maybe mine was shut off or malfunctioning or perhaps I've never gotten so close to another vehicle that it didn't engage.

BTW, "He was tankful"? As opposed to half a tank or a quarter of a tank? :-)

wiboater4 | 2020年3月12日

My Model 3 moved me toward the shoulder of the road about a week ago when I was going around a sharp curve (non freeway) when a semi was coming toward me in the other lane. Moved me just a little but nice to know it's watching.

Nakid | 2020年3月12日

Yeah, tankful was a typo. Get over it.

As for what you actually wrote, you never said it was a problem with YOUR car. You specifically asked why it doesn't have an automatic system without turning them on. IT DOES and the OP was THANKFUL that it operated WITHOUT TACC, AP, FSD being turned on.

So yeah, call me a jackass all you want.

Read the damn post...

WardT | 2020年3月13日

With the most recent update 2020.8.1 both my wife and I noticed the “danger” beeps came more often. The car has always been very sensitive to cars turning right out of my lane (with no TACC or AP). After the new update it started beeping earlier when I approached a slower car ahead on city streets. Then yesterday getting on the freeway I was signaling to merge over a lane (no TACC or AP). It was raining with low visibility and suddenly I noticed a black car in the lane I was merging into. The black car was right next to me and I jerked my car back into my original lane. No beeps through this event. I don’t think I crossed over the white line, but I was signaling and headed into the occupied lane. About 5 minutes later I was in TACC and the Tesla braked for an unknown reason, no beeps. The nearest car to me at the time was another vehicle coming up behind me in the lane to my left.

I did save the video of the black car in my blind spot and it didn’t help me understand why I didn’t get any beeps or auto lane correction. I understand the Tesla does everything for a reason, but sometimes it is impossible to understand why it acts or beeps. Later I did reduce the warning sensitivity to the middle setting. It was on “Early”. I still think it would be nice to have a log somewhere to list when the vehicle beeps at you and maybe even save the video at the time.

DiminishedSeventh | 2020年3月13日

@WardT hard to tell from just a description, but with rain and low visibility, the cameras will be a bit more limited detecting side to side objects as I believe the sensors are only front and rear with limited oblique sensing. If the object is directly next to you, I think the vehicle relies heavily on the camera. This may explain why you didn’t get an alert in that instance. The manual does warn you that AP features may be limited due to weather:

“Many factors can impact the performance of Autopilot components, causing them to be unable to function as intended. These include (but are not limited to):
• Poor visibility (due to heavy rain, snow, fog, etc.).”

I think Tesla can access the logs remotely if it’s something serious, you can try calling them or possibly make a service appointment for diagnostics.

Mike83 | 2020年3月15日

We had our M3 avoid a Semi when in Wash. State and again in Oakland. It is very cool. The car can see much more than a driver and avoid collisions.

lbowroom | 2020年3月15日

Sky Pilot, How will you be satisfied? You claimed your car didn’t have it and Complained it doesn’t work without AP active. Then you scream that of course you read it and know you have it but can’t trust if it works or not. Are you sure you have airbags? Do they work?

lbowroom | 2020年3月15日

What about the refrigerator light, is it off when the doors closed? How do you know?

Sarah R | 2020年3月15日

@Sky Pilot when your car sounds that alarm and shows you a red vehicle, it's already taking action. If you've got everything in the Autopilot settings turned to "paranoid" like I do, when you go to slam on the brakes you'll find that the brake pedal is already pushed.

If you turn on "Hold mode" You can verify that Autopilot is using the hydraulic brake to AP the car simply by resting your foot on the brake pedal as you slow to a stop. Just as the car stops, you'll feel that brake pedal drop away from your foot. That's Autopilot. Even with Autopilot turned off.