My Model 3 HW3 upgrade experience (West Palm Beach FL)

My Model 3 HW3 upgrade experience (West Palm Beach FL)

One month ago, I posted a thread in the Model S forum about my Model S HW3 upgrade experience at the West Palm Beach FL service center:

My wife's 2018 MR RWD Model 3 was just upgraded to HW3 yesterday (Thursday), also in West Palm Beach, but this time at the new location on Okeechobee Blvd. Both upgrade experiences went pretty well overall, but the Model 3 upgrade didn't go quite as smoothly as the Model S.

As with the Model S, I wasn't notified that the upgrade was available. I was following up with my service advisor about the Model S upgrade and asked her to check if the Model 3 upgrade was available, and she confirmed that it was and asked me to schedule an appointment in the app, which I did. My appointment was for Wednesday (2 days ago), and the work was completed the next day (the Model S went in on a Monday and was done Thursday morning).

For the Model S, my service advisor contacted me the day before the appointment and told me it would probably take a few days, and she also told me they wouldn't have any Tesla loaners available (but they would an ICE car). For the Model 3, I didn't hear from anyone before the appointment, other than the automated text message appointment reminders. When I dropped off the car, my advisor told me it would probably take a few days again. This time I chose the Uber option rather than a loaner. I was expecting to get an Uber credit, but instead service actually set up the Uber ride in both directions, and I got updates on the ride status via text messages (don't know if all service centers do it that way).

Yesterday afternoon, I first received a text message saying the car would be ready this morning (Friday), but a short time later the advisor texted me to say the car actually went in the shop a couple of hours earlier and was ready to be picked up, so they sent an Uber to bring me in.

When they upgraded my Model S, I didn't lose any settings at all. For the Model 3, I only lost my WiFi and Bluetooth phone pairings (the phone keys were still set up), and I noticed the Stopping Mode in Controls Driving had changed from Hold to Roll, so I changed it back. As before, the Controls Autopilot FSD Visualization Preview setting was disabled, so I enabled it. Note that the preview setting is saved in the driver profile, so you need to enable it for each profile. After fixing the settings, I rebooted for good measure.

While they still had the Model 3, I received a software update complete notification from the mobile app. When we picked up the car, they had downgraded the firmware from 2020.8.1 to 2020.4.1, and I'm pretty sure the navigation data was downgraded also (my Model S didn't get downgraded).

Neither the Model 3 nor Model S required any calibration before I could see the new visualizations and use AP. If service calibrated the cars, they didn't do it by driving them, because neither car was driven more than a couple of miles while in service.

When I re-paired my phones, I had trouble getting the new Sync Messages feature to turn on, even though my phone settings were correct. It turns out I had 2 Bluetooth entries for the Model 3, one identified as “Tesla Model 3” and the other as “Tesla Model 3 EV 3” (EV 3 is our car's name), and I was trying to pair with the first one, which apparently was no longer valid. Deleting the first and pairing with the second fixed the problem.

When I got home and restored my home WiFi connection, the car immediately rebooted, but that didn't happen again. After it restarted, I checked the Controls Software screen to see if I had an update waiting to download, and there was a Downloading Game Update progress bar. When that finished, I didn't have to install anything, and I was still on 2020.4.1, so I guess the game updates are like the map updates and don't require confirmation.

I also noticed that when I reinserted my music USB, it took a lot longer than usual to load, and after rebooting, it loaded slowly again. I usually have shuffle mode enabled, but I had to re-enable it each time the USB was reloaded. Although the USB would sometimes reload even before the upgrade, it loaded much faster and never lost shuffle mode.

That's all for now. If I think of anything else worth mentioning, I'll update this topic or post a comment.

EVRider | 2020年3月14日

Got a software update this morning, 2020.12. I noticed the navigation data was also updated, to 2019-20 something, which is what I had before the HW3 upgrade. Don’t know if the navigation update happened before or with the software update.

yudansha™ | 2020年3月14日

Thanks for the info! I guess I'll schedule mine via the app.

Davidwesty68 | 2020年3月14日

I have been waiting to get a call from Tesla for my hardware upgrade. I live in rural Eastern Kentucky and the closest service center in 2.5 hours away in Cincinnati, OH. Will Tesla call you to upgrade your hardware or should I call?

I was hoping it would be done same day so I could drive back home without making 2 trips!

rdovale | 2020年3月14日

Doesn’t sound like it was too bad of an experience. They can definitely do better with customer service and it wouldn’t be that hard to accomplish. They would be light years away from any dealership if they put a little more effort into it. I received the 2012 last night after receiving the 2012.8 a few days earlier.

sananpx | 2020年3月14日

I got my upgrade on 3.12.2020. I lost all my settings, phone key is not working. Software downgraded to 2020.4.1. O can’t sync messages even after deleting previous phone. Web browser doe not work any more. In all not a very pleasant experience but I am glad I got new HW. It am still struggling to bring my settings back and messages, phone key and browser still not working

EVRider | 2020年3月15日

@Davidwesty68: In theory, Tesla is supposed to contact you when they’re ready to upgrade your car, but that hasn’t been my experience. There have been reports of people getting upgraded by mobile service, so maybe that will be an option for you. If you do have to bring it to the service center, confirm with them that they’ll be able to start the upgrade right away so you can wait for the car.

sixstring09 | 2020年3月15日

>>Davidwesty68 - Just schedule an appointment on the app. When you schedule service on the app, someone from tesla will reply and tell you either yes or no for the upgrade and this usually depends on hardware availability. Make sure to get an appointment in the early am.

jjgunn | 2020年3月15日


Upgraded my HW on the MX 100D. Only thing I needed to do was reconnect phone via Bluetooth.

Upgraded to 2020.8.1 about 10 days ago. Then upgraded to 2020.12 on Friday. No issues.

Will mention 1 thing.....

2-lane highway at night, hilly.....AP set to 60 Max in 55 speed limit. When approaching a downhill car screams at me & tells me to take over. AP cannot see through & downhill at 60 MPH. Found that Interesting. If you go slower it can handle it. HWY 4 in CA as you're heading into the mountains.