Battery draining faster than expected

Battery draining faster than expected

I have had my Tesla Standard Range for one week now. I just took it for a good drive. It said I had 195 miles left until the battery was dead. 100 miles later on a clocked odometer with no real stopping in between, it said there was 65 miles less. It's way off. And it's been consistently off ever since I got the car - always way less than what it stated which is causing me some concern. I did install a phone charger and use it while driving, and I did switch the wheels out to the caps - but I hear that's only a 5 percent difference. What am I doing wrong, or is there something wrong with my battery possibly? Please help!!! I have an appointment on Tuesday to bring the car back because upon delivery it had a significant cut in the paint that they said they would repair and provide me with a loaner.... But I'd like to know if this is a concern or normal? Thanks all!!!!


GHammer | 2020年3月14日
stingray.don | 2020年3月14日

What was your wh/mi for the trip?

GHammer | 2020年3月14日
FISHEV | 2020年3月14日

This has some good info on Rated vs. Actual Range. Look at the Rated Range shown in miles when this is chosen vs. SOC on the green battery indicator.

Then look at Projected Range on your Energy/Consumption graph for actual range.

StatsApp for Tesla does a nice job of summarizing it.

marktoad21 | 2020年3月15日

@GHammer I've read up on the range. I just didn't expect such a big difference. That's why I came on to ask. "sigh" doesn't help.

@stinkray.don 258 kw/hr

I'll have to try statsapp

WW_spb | 2020年3月15日

Take Fish recommendations with mountain of salt

Sarah R | 2020年3月15日

You'll need to remember that literally everything in the car gets its power from the traction battery. Are you cranking that premium sound? Running the heater? Are you in a driving rain? (See what I did there?)

If you're familiar with spacecraft design, you'll understand the concept of a power budget. The more power you're using for this, the less you have for that. It's just like your financial budget.

I don't know if anyone has quantified how much power it's used by the various accessories, but it isn't trivial. All of it reduces the energy available for driving.

Your Tesla has as much in common with the Curiosity Mars Rover as it does with a Camaro. It's as much a road-bound Earth Rover as it is a car.

Bighorn | 2020年3月15日


marktoad21 | 2020年3月15日

sorry its 25kWh and 258 Wh/mi

Bighorn | 2020年3月15日

Parity for rated range is under 220 Wh/m I believe.

Bighorn | 2020年3月15日

If it’s actually 200 Wh/rated mile, which is realistic, your numbers are spot on.

Bighorn | 2020年3月15日

195 - 258/200*100 = 66 remaining miles

Orthopod | 2020年3月15日

What was the outside temperature?

Intend to have about 70% of my estimated range here during winter time

Smalm | 2020年3月15日

@marktoad - Bighorn is right. In my experience (SR+ rated at 240), the rated wh/mi line in the energy graph is at 220wh/mi. The battery miles estimate is what the BMS reports as available capacity / 220 = miles estimate. However you might think that achieving 220wh/mi for a trip will yield the estimated miles, but in my experience I must average 208wh/mi. You mention “no real stops”, which sounds like maybe “some stops”. If so you can’t really estimate what those stops cause in terms of “phantom drain”. Other things to keep in mind are the lack of decimal precision in both miles and wh/mi. In other words your 195 starting estimate could have been 194.5 and right away you “lost a mile”.

Bottom line is you’re probably fine, meaning nothing wrong with your battery. Over time the efficiency will get better (new cars, tires, etc.). Hard to say if your new SR (which is software limited on a 250 mile rated range SR+) will have the same constants if 220/208 as on mine so YMMV.

stingray.don | 2020年3月15日

258 wh/mi indicates it is your driving efficiency and not your useable battery capacity. Your need to measure your range based on a single trip without ANY downtime. A series of short trips are less efficient than a single trip. Phantom drain while stopped reduced range further.

What was your tire pressure? Changes in elevation? Headwinds? Driving speed? Outside temperature? Rain or snow? If The answers to those questions does not lead to your answer, then the issue is with your right foot.

jallred | 2020年3月15日

Standard deviation of efficiency is very high in a 3.

You could have a much lower standard deviation like in an ice but will also have a much lower mean.