SpaceX success again

SpaceX success again

Another 60 satellites deployed today.

Tesla-David | 2020年3月18日

Go SpaceX!

rlwrw | 2020年3月18日

Premature shutdown of one F9 engine to be thoroughly investigated before any more flights.

blue adept | 2020年3月18日

More of the Starlink network coming together! | 2020年3月18日

Cool that the one engine failure had zero effect on the success of the mission (it has 9 engines). Nice having redundancy!

jimglas | 2020年3月18日

was the booter with the failed engine recovered?

teslu3 | 2020年3月18日

I heard that the first stage booster did self-isolation into the ocean.

blue adept | 2020年3月18日

It selflessly sacrificed itself for the sake of the mission.

blkice | 2020年3月20日

It would be hard to predict all the benefits Starlink will bring
The fifth trip for this vehicle I believe

Mike83 | 2020年3月21日