How to make a ventilator, masks, oxygenator, toilet paper

How to make a ventilator, masks, oxygenator, toilet paper

Youtubes coming up?

We ordered an oxygen generator, should be here soon.
Because being in our 70s we are the demographic which may not get access to a hospital.

Also got a heartsure Pulse Oximeter to measure saturation and pulse rate.

Ross1 | 2020年3月19日

Masks which merely deflect and absorb can be made from newspaper I would think.

Ross1 | 2020年3月19日

What a ventilator does
Am I on the right track?

Ross1 | 2020年3月19日

This one can be used by anyone in the field, but needs 11 sizes

Atoms | 2020年3月19日

If you are put on a ventilator, you are likely to die with or without the ventilator. What we need to do is test, trace, and quarantine the sick and their contacts like they did in China. That is the only thing which will work other than a vaccine which that say is 12 months out.

Ross1 | 2020年3月19日

Atoms: then I had better delete this thread?

Magic 8 Ball | 2020年3月19日

Ventilators increase chances of survival. Symptoms range from nothing to severe. People on edge can be kept from going over the edge with some life support until they get strong enough to not need a mask.

Doom and gloom hysteria is not appropriate.

in7 | 2020年3月19日

Where can we order the Tesla toilet paper?

Ross1 | 2020年3月20日

How to make Hand Sanitiser:

Hand Sanitizer
While the Coronavirus spreads quickly and globally, stores are running out of hand-sanitizer fast, and people are after the magic liquid like hot buns!
If you struggle with finding one, you can easily make one at home. All needed is a medium mixing bowl, spoon, empty container to store the gel, 1/3 cup aloe vera gel, 2/3 cup Isopropyl alcohol 91%, and essential oil for fragrance (optional).

FISHEV | 2020年3月20日

Alcohol works just fine. Can dry hands with frequent use.

O2 generator is smart move if you can afford it. Home respirator a bit trickier. You can really get hurt without volume and pressure controls. Read up on re-breather, non-rebreather and nasal cannulas. These may be hard to get. If you can, get one of each for each family member but be responsible, just get what you need.

yudansha™ | 2020年3月20日

@Ross1 Nothing is better against virus than water and soap. There is plenty of soap in stores.

NorthValley | 2020年3月20日

@Ross1 forget ventilators, O2 generators and keep your money! Just stay away from people, wash hands with soap and water often. I have put notices inside my front door to remind me to sanitize as soon as I get in from a dog walk etc. Wash clothes at 60c as a minimum. Its going to be a long road but you will come out the other end if you follow simple steps like these. Oh, don't use alcohol on your hands without the aloe will dry out your skin way too much! Stay safe!

FISHEV | 2020年3月20日

On the O2, also look at bag/mask. The ventilators work by pumping air into lungs that patient cannot between filled with fluid and losing strength. The O2 maching just supplies O2. If you or wife gets to that point and can't get help, being able to give a few breaths with O2 can be the difference.

Orthopod | 2020年3月20日

Ventilator at home won’t save you

#StayTheFuckHome will save you

coleAK | 2020年3月20日

Are people really thinking about buying ventilators? Insanity, are you also buying an intensivist to manage you on the vent? And how are you planning on getting intubated? Save your money for TP
Here is an overview of what to expect.

coleAK | 2020年3月20日

@fish... I’ll point out in an ARDS type scenario the bagging you are referring to occurs with an ET tube not a mask.

coleAK | 2020年3月20日

Bag/masks are used for BLS

FISHEV | 2020年3月20日

"Bag/masks are used for BLS"

In lieu of vent if unavailable or the anesthesia machine kicks off. One on every anesthesia machine.

"Are people really thinking about buying ventilators?"

Heck they are talking about building them at home, not sure how that works. Could buy one but unless trached or intubated, doing it via face mask is hard, it has to be really tight for control, needs special mask. In respiratory crisis, good old bag mask ventilation could help someone especially if some O2. Just might get them through it. Do it for a few minutes every hour or half hour to get sats up. We are likely going to be doing exactly that if it comes to i.

Magic 8 Ball | 2020年3月20日

FISHEV is an uncompassionate EVIL liar, nothing he says can be trusted.

Ross1 | 2020年3月20日

My demographic 70+ is at risk of the virus AND at risk of being excluded from hospital care when taxpayers, sorry, younger people will have precedence.
We are staying home, avoiding people, filled the car with diesel, have enough food, planted more vegies, bought a oxygen generator with 2 nose canulas, pulse /oxygen measurer, read the news all day, have friends.Are healthy. Have interests.

FISHEV | 2020年3月20日

Probably should bounce this to General vs. Model 3.

FISHEV | 2020年3月20日

"My demographic 70+ is at risk of the virus AND at risk of being excluded from hospital care when taxpayers, sorry, younger people will have precedence."

Exclusion by age might work the other way as younger people who seem less affected demographically per the data might be asked to recover at home which would mean quarantine for them and family members.

On the other side, like any triage situation, you help those with best chance of survival. The 70 year old with no underlying conditions vs. those with issues that will make survival unlikely. We have to be adults and face the logic of the choice. Only one can get care, both have equal need.

We could go first come first served and just turn people away to handle it at home. The hospital will call you when a bed and supplies are available. Need to have troops with gas masks around the hospitals for security. Hope someone is planning that now.

yudansha™ | 2020年3月20日

Toilet paper will return soon. Costco is banning returns on some items. They should expand the list to include all canned and dry food.

albert123 | 2020年3月20日

Masks shouldn't be too difficult to make. You could start with higher quality furnace filters, disposable vacuum bags, and woodworking dust collection bags and cut them to shape. Not as good as an N95 mask but better than nothing. Toilet paper is easy.

FISHEV | 2020年3月20日

"You could start with higher quality furnace filters, disposable vacuum bags, and woodworking dust collection bags and cut them to shape."

Homemade mask. Washcloth and shoelaces? We are looking at washable surgical gowns and masks, old school but works. Problem is the short duration.

Key is testing kits, fast testing and people to do the tracking of contacts. Korea had the best response and could likely offer assitance on getting testing kits going in the US.

Detection of the infected is step one and we have started step one.

coleAK | 2020年3月20日

Ok for all you looking at making/using masks. If you are not infected make sure the seal around the outside of the mask is tight, surgical style masks aren’t very effective since “dirty” air can get in the sides. Surgical style masks are to protest the surroundings from the person wearing it. Think of it as N95 is for uninflected, surgical mask is for infected.

Ross1 | 2020年3月20日

AK, tell me, how often should the mask be disposed of or washed, and for canister type industrial dust/gas masks, the filter canister?

kaffine | 2020年3月20日

Ross1 : If you take the mask off don't put it back on. As you are trying to protect against viruses there is no good way to store the mask to make sure the inside doesn't become contaminated. Your breath is warm and humid which is great breeding grounds for viruses. I reuse the cheap masks frequently but I am worried about fiberglass insulation and dust.

With canister style it will depend on if there is a good way to prevent contamination or not.

If you aren't used to wearing masks you are likely to be reaching up and adjusting it frequently which is going to cause issues as that is putting your hands up by your eyes.

FISHEV | 2020年3月20日

" If you take the mask off don't put it back on."

FYI in the hospital we are being asked to use one mask a day. Don't be wasting them in settings much less dangerous than a hospital which is full of sick people.

Ross1 | 2020年3月20日

So you could carry around the virus for 8 -12 hours giving it a good chance to get you, just from wearing the mask all day?

Ross1 | 2020年3月20日

Would we be better making them from newspapers or paper towels and changing frequently?

FISHEV | 2020年3月21日

"So you could carry around the virus for 8 -12 hours giving it a good chance to get you, just from wearing the mask all day?"

Our first responsibility is to not give it to patients, do no harm. The medical response committee has determined that having the masks and using them all day is better than having no masks, those are the choices.

On the mask having a virus droplet. Very possible but then it did prevent the initial inhalation. Possible it could still be transmitted but at least you stopped it once. There's a reason health care workers are at highest risk. US unpreparedness for a biological incident despite $20T in war debt to prevent a biological attack needs some investigation later but this is what we have to do now.

Trump refuses to repurposed US industry so our only current hope of masks is that China factories coming back on line will send us some but Trump seems to be preventing that also. That should have been 90 days ago. Trump is killing us with ignorance and incompetence.

"Trump Resists Pressure to Use Wartime Law to Mobilize Industry in Virus Response?

Ross1 | 2020年3月21日

Elon is providing 250,000 masks from stock today

FISHEV | 2020年3月21日

"Elon is providing 250,000 masks from stock today"

Several industries are doing that.

"In Germany, the Volkswagen Group says it will be providing about 200,000 protective face masks for public health protection. The city of Wolfsburg is also to receive further medical material."

Magic 8 Ball | 2020年3月21日


He tells others to only talk Model 3 here and is a hypocrite. He is here to bash Tesla, fans of Tesla and will say anything to diminish Tesla and Tesla fans.

Ross1 | 2020年3月24日

Elon: 250,000 facemusks and 1255 ventilators.
Saving the Planet.

FISHEV | 2020年3月24日

"Elon: 250,000 facemusks and 1255 ventilators. Saving the Planet."

It was interesting that China government went to Musk to be the messenger to Trump. Lay of the 50's ChiComm crap or no medical supplies.

in7 | 2020年3月24日

Some hospitals are using UV lights on their masks to kill all of the viruses that are on them.

FISHEV | 2020年3月24日