Tesla online business model is finally a good thing

Tesla online business model is finally a good thing

With the lockdown going on
People staying at home
In a couple months people will gradually slowly go out again to make purchases
In the meantime, the online business models of Tesla might give them a little edge over other dealerships
Of course, the premium price might be discouraging however in the VUS category, consumers will already be ready to pay a premium for a larger vehicle compared to a sedan.

Geico | 2020年3月25日

You can order a car and schedule service at your local service center all from your phone from any car manufacturer in the US. Tesla is the only one that forces buyers to purchase a car online only.

Geico | 2020年3月25日
Tesla-David | 2020年3月25日

Nothing wrong with online purchases, as a 7 year+ owner of 3 Tesla's thus far, I much prefer that method, and my experience on servicing our 3 cars has been exceptional, especially now with Mobile Service of our cars at our home as the primary option.

FISHEV | 2020年3月25日

Actuallly Tesla service is open. Tesla is practicing the same safe transaction method as other businesses. You can read about here. | 2020年3月25日

@Geico - I know you like to make up facts, but you can go to any Tesla sales office and order it there if you want. Are you a Ford dealer? You seem to push Ford in every post and slam Tesla at the same time, usually with some inaccurate statement.