Model 3 Wiper Blades now selling online in the Tesla Shop

Model 3 Wiper Blades now selling online in the Tesla Shop

Hey People,

Just noticed the Model 3 wiper blades are now on the Canadian Tesla Shop. $30 Canadian ea.

Canadian link:

US Link:

There is also some new stuff in Apparel.

T_Scheen | 2020年4月1日

For those who order in the EU, on these BOSCH wipers are confirmed to work for the M3, and only 20€:

Lorenzryanc | 2020年4月1日

I got some cheap (~$25) ones from amazon that got good ratings and they've been fine. Does anyone have experience with the 100% silicone wipers? I know they're more costly, but If a wiper works, it is worth it.

derotam | 2020年4月1日
Paul Braren | 2020年4月1日

Great Find, ShaunD, especiallly since they don't yet show on the Exterior Accessories for Model 3 are here:
I've added the link to model3man's new wiper blade replacement video in the comments.

Joshan | 2020年4月1日

Do most people order the replacements through Tesla? Mine have gone through 2 winters now and are pretty shot. I could use a new pair for sure.

I saw they had some at Costco, but they did not list 2018 model, only 2019 and 2020. Are they the same part?

Lonestar10_1999 | 2020年4月1日

Each blade is $23 or $46 for the set. There are plenty of 3rd party vendors that fit fine for a lot cheaper.

Maybe the $46 set is an April Fools joke.

Lightglass | 2020年4月1日

Thanks for putting this up. I ordered from the US Tesla website. My OEM wipers are still workin well after 19 months, while aftermarket wipers seem to stop working well at a year- due to our high UV New Mexico sunshine!

rob | 2020年4月1日

Same as T_Scheen

I just bought the BOSCH Aerotwin wipers. They are identical to the ones I pulled off except the Bosch name printed on it. Even the plastic parts looked like they came from the same mold.

Joshan | 2020年4月1日

Thanks rob, just ordered a pair

TvilleGuy | 2020年4月1日

I just checked and each blade is $30. Then I looked at other items and everything in the store has had a price increase!

TvilleGuy | 2020年4月1日

Nevermind! Pulled up the CA site instead of US. Whew!

ShaunyD | 2020年4月1日

I ordered on left and one right on March 31, $67.50 Canadian with tax. Free shipping to Canada. They have already shipped and will be here April 6.

I'll update the post with the US link.

rdovale | 2020年4月2日

Xtechnor wipers on Amazon $28 a pair work fine. I’ve had them for 5 months now. Foolish to pay these prices!

Lonestar10_1999 | 2020年4月2日

Selling wiper blades at a huge markup doesn’t seem helpful. There are many 3rd party blades that are comparable in quality and less expensive.

It would be helpful if Tesla sold game controllers that work with all Arcade games past, present, and future. That is something end users would find helpful.

fazman | 2020年4月2日

I would rather get silicone blade inserts for the existing wiper frames (create less waste).

ShaunyD | 2020年4月4日

@Faz Is that a thing? That would be awesome. I wonder if Tesla considered this. I think Tesla has a patent for lasers to clean the windshield.

fazman | 2020年4月6日

@ShaunyD: Keep in mind... I have a 2015 toyota sienna with 68k miles and still have the original wiper blades. You can clean the rubber with some soap and water (as long as the rubber is not cut/torn/cracked). No way any model 3 should need wiper blades replaced unless you are using it to clear ice from your windshield.

I have not used these Sil blades yet, but you need tomfigure out which “claw” your wiper frame uses:

You can always buy a longer refill and cut it to fit the length you need. Plenty of youtube videos on how to put in new inserts.

Before change the wiper, i would make sure the windshield is clean and the wiper blade is cleaned... keep that money in your pocket and less waste to the environment by tossing your old wiper frames.

fazman | 2020年4月6日

@ShaunyD As for what Tesla is “Thinking” most people don’t want to mess with the added effort to swap out an insert. It only takes seconds to pop off the entire frame and replace it with a brand new one. Less SC over head as well...

But for the DIY crowd, I would love to collect old wiper frames and rebuild them with a simple new insert at a fraction of the cost and better quality blade. Tho, any modification we do might void some kind of warranty... tho tesla would have to prove that your aftermarket insert caused a problem (–Moss_Warranty_Act).