Vintage Voltage

Vintage Voltage

Anyone else watching? | 2020年4月5日

I just checked my house voltage - 239 VAC. Not sure what importance this is.

jimglas | 2020年4月5日

Solar Panels firing on all cylinders

Magic 8 Ball | 2020年4月5日

I guess I should elaborate.

I watched two episodes so far. Last night the converted an old Karmann Ghia and the episode before that was an old suicide door fiat 500, very very cool. I first started getting interested in EVs when I saw a VW bug conversion about 30 years ago.

jimglas | 2020年4月5日

looks like fun
A good distraction

Magic 8 Ball | 2020年4月8日

Watching another episode now. They are converting a nice blue Lancia tonight.