I have a problem with the display not showing when my turn signals are on and I have verified that the signals are working.. I also just noticed that the speed indicated is much smaller and when I want to open either trunk from inside the car they will not open. I am an old guy so am not a computer literate as some so any suggestions would be appreciated.

jamilworm | 2020年4月7日

Were these things working before or has it always been this way? I don't want to insult your intelligence, but just to cover all the bases... Do you know where the turn signals are supposed to show on the display? The icons are very small. Does the car make the audible clicking sound when they are on? And regarding the speed, are you sure it's not a matter of mixing up kph and mph?

Xerogas | 2020年4月8日

@dstoeffler: reboot usually helps with these kinds of symptoms. Press and hold both steering wheel buttons for a few seconds, until the screen turns off, then wait for reboot.

midnightSilverRocks | 2020年4月8日

Had the same issue. My guess is that it is related to a software bug. Soft reset helped and that same evening got an update and haven’t had the issue since then. Hope this helps

Atoms | 2020年4月9日

Remember Windows 95? Need to reboot periodically.

dac | 2020年4月9日

How often do you folks reboot? I am rebooting bi-weekly in my 2020 M3P due to black screen upon entering. After this last update 2020.8.3 My car has YouTube playing on the screen each time I enter. Not sure how to fix that.

dstoeffler | 2020年4月9日

Thanks for the advice, I rebooted and that fixed the problem!

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 2020年4月9日

ctrl-alt-del, it's for cars now too :D | 2020年4月9日

@dac - I reboot less than once every 6 months. Bi-weekly seems way too often. Something sounds wrong to me. It might be worth a service appointment.

M3phan | 2020年4月9日

Agree, I can count on both hands the number of reboots I’ve done in almost two years. Every week seems too often...

dac | 2020年4月9日

Thank You, I have mobile coming out next week to install the HomeLink, maybe they can look at that also.

M3phan | 2020年4月9日

Yep, schedule the twofer

dgstan | 2020年4月10日

I used to reboot every time I came home from work. Otherwise, Spotify would lock up. Seems to have gotten better, but I still get frequent loading errors.

Hope I don't wear out the roller buttons.