Latest Software Update (2020.16.2.1)

Latest Software Update (2020.16.2.1)

I own a December 2016 AP 2.0 Model X. I am currently running software version 2020.11.5. I was alerted today that 2020.16.2.1 is downloaded and ready to install. I generally like to come to these forums to get some idea of how the latest sw upgrades are going before installing something new. In most cases I can find a thread on the recent releases but today, after looking through several pages in the X, S and general forums I don't see anything so I am creating this one now and I invite anyone with the week 16 release to share their experience. Maybe we could use this thread as a persistent place to share experiences with the latest release? If this already exists somewhere and I just didn't dig deep enough, I apologize and would appreciate knowing where that is. Thanks in advance.

MhoPower | 2020年5月18日

OK. After creating this thread I found one on this release in the Model 3 forum. Maybe we need a consistent thread in the general forum for this so one doesn't have to check 4 forums to get info on releases that affect almost all Tesla owners? (I'm off to read the 16.2 tread in the M3 group now).

ezrondavid95 | 2020年5月20日

I am a very big fan of Tesla Car. The tesla products are really amazing and there are some models I usually prefer in Tesla. I read about the latest software update and so much eager to see e it implemented in the car.

pb | 2020年5月23日

Have just updated to 2020.16.2.1 on Dec2017 MX 75D and now my USB / Samsung 500GB SSD is no longer recognized have lost ability to stream own music; again! This was lost on an update before last then reinstated at the last one. Had to revert to 4gb USB which is recognized after initiating new FORMAT process. 1 step forward and 2 steps back is not encouraging progress! | 2020年5月24日

@pb - Did you try a reboot? There was an update that broke USB music, but that was fixed a few weeks later. I've not had any problems since, including 16.2.1. You confirmed it is working with a USB flash drive, so it may point to a problem with the SSD. Are you using a hub? That has caused many people problems. Also, remember the SSD is rated for consumer/home use and has a very limited operating temperature range. Now it does work for many owners, but it's not rated for anything close to what a car encounters in the cold and heat. Only SD disks (with a USB adapter) are rated for typical vehicle temperatures.

Dievendorff | 2020年5月29日

I’m having difficulty installing this update on a 2015 Model S. It gets to 10% on the iphone app progress bar, but no further. I can recover by rebooting the car computer (hold both thumb wheels on the steering wheel) but the next night it wants to install again, and it fails time after time. It’s been about 5 tries thus far. I’ve verified that I have WiFi connectivity and I can use the in car web browser (albeit slowly). Any tips would be appreciated.

Saxman | 2020年6月2日

I have been away from my MX for 3 months and have updated 3 different software versions from the App. As a result I have not been able to see the various Update Notes?

Is there somewhere for me to access Notes of the different Versions?

I am currently downloading 2020.20.1 from my previous Version 2020.16.1?
Are there significant improvements in this newest Version?

Thanks for your help? | 2020年6月2日

@Dievendorff - Call service. They may try to do a remote forced download. If that fails, it may be your MCU1 is failing, and MCU1 needs to be replaced. Let's hope the first trick works.

inconel | 2020年6月2日

Just got 2020.20.1 today

Saxman | 2020年6月3日


Do the release notes show anything significant?

Did 16.1 have anything significant?