Tesla Cyber Truck with Jay Leno

Tesla Cyber Truck with Jay Leno

Here is the YouTube video or Jay Leno driving the Tesla Cyber Truck - man it's an ugly machine.

JimShaw | 2020年5月23日

All I get is a GMC pickup owned by Elvis

M3phan | 2020年5月24日
Magic 8 Ball | 2020年5月24日

Video posted by M3phan is the good one. Some good info. in that video including the production CT will be 5% smaller than the prototype. Overall Leno was impressed. I believe the full episode will be on Leno's show later this week.

M3phan | 2020年5月24日

Saw Leno do a walk thru of his garage (more like three airplane hangars lol) on TV last week. Impressive size impressively packed with impressive automotive specimens.

Bighorn | 2020年5月24日

Musk has subsequently tweeted that CT will not be shrunk.

geedub1023 | 2020年5月24日

@M8B Another post "Smaller Cybertruck" from Ross1 seems to indicate that Elon scrapped his plan to make the production CT 5% smaller. I think Elon's idea to make it smaller to fit in a homeowners garage was a good one, hopefully he will reconsider if he did scrap that smaller version.

Magic 8 Ball | 2020年5月24日

Needs full SEC investigation to be sure. /s

SamO | 2020年5月24日

Reviewed design with Franz last night. Even 3% smaller is too small. Will be pretty much this size. We’ll probably do a smaller, tight world truck at some point.

andy.connor.e | 2020年5月24日

yep i read that as well. will be fine for me, others not so much.

WW_spb | 2020年5月24日

Fuck I want my CyberTruck nooowwww! | 2020年5月24日

For those just tuning in - Jay owns a blue Model S, and it has appeared in his garage in the background on quite a few shows. There was also this fun segment back in 2015:

TabascoGuy | 2020年5月24日

I'm wondering what all the concern about the size of the CT is. I have (what I consider is) a standard 2 1/2 stall garage. It measures 19' 8" from the back curb to the inside of the garage door. I'm sure if I back in until the rear wheels touch the curb, there is 3' past the curb that back of the truck could overhang, there would still be enough room to walk between the front of the truck and the garage door when it's closed.

rob | 2020年5月24日

I believe the prettype CT is 19' 4". That leaves you 4 inches of space to work with. My garage is 2" shorter than yours. That is a concern for me.

But Elon said production would be 5% smaller. That's almost a foot less. I hope they go w/ the smaller size.

Xerogas | 2020年5月24日

As Bighorn noted from Elon’s tweet, it will not be smaller. Not even 3% smaller. They’re sticking with the original prototype size.

Lonestar10_1999 | 2020年5月24日

@Xerogas- to rob’s point, the size of the CT is giving prospective buyers reasons to nix the purchase because their home will not accommodate the CT easily.

This reminds me of the initial release of the Lincoln Navigator, which had the longest wheel base and longer overall than any stock SUV. For those who bought it thinking bigger is better, were sad when they got it home to find it wouldn’t fit in the garage.

Bighorn | 2020年5月24日

Pick ups usually live outside.

rob | 2020年5月24日

True. But a CT will draw unwanted attention. I can always install cameras. But the CT will be very unique when its first shipped. And I bet there will be tourists around the house.

SamO | 2020年5月24日

What can they do to the car? It’s made of 31x stainless steel and has bulletproof glass and cameras that record 24-7.

Ross1 | 2020年5月24日

With the towbar fitted as you would, 20 ft | 2020年5月24日

Not only is it long, but it also looks to be quite tall. With 35" tires, this is a monster (in a good way). No way would it fit in my garage without hitting the top of the garage door. Then again, it could be an effective way to remove the door, and maybe the beam above the door as well :)

Shesmyne2 | 2020年5月24日

Show on Wednesday night 5/27 I believe. 10pm, NBC or affiliate?

Still Grinning ;-)

Shesmyne2 | 2020年5月24日

Show on Wednesday night 5/27 I believe. 10pm, NBC or affiliate?

Still Grinning ;-)

SamO | 2020年5月24日

CNBC I think.

andy.connor.e | 2020年5月25日

i guess cybertruck will be a revolutionary joke

WW_spb | 2020年5月25日

When I see Fish working hard on trolling I know for sure Tesla is doing something right. Hey Seabass don't cry when my CyberTruck looks badass next to you MoME.

roberts | 2020年5月26日

I have only a single car garage, and that is reserved for my M3. My future cybertruck is going to live outside regardless of its size.

WW_spb | 2020年5月26日


LostInTx | 2020年5月26日

@bighorn - every truck I've owned lives outside. Unfortunately, every Tesla charger I've owned lives inside. I wasn't able to fit my Tundra in the garage - probably no way a CT would fit either.

From a sales perspective, size, in this case too much size, matters.

Bighorn | 2020年5月26日

Agree about charging. Will probably build a garage that accommodates the CT or install an outdoor charger. To date, I’ve made zero investment for charging infrastructure for the cars.

SamO | 2020年5月26日

The HPWC is waterproof so there is no reason you can’t put it on the outside of a garage as cheaply and easily as inside.

fazman | 2020年5月27日

Bullet proof glass is awesome and the hardened steel body is a great idea... lets hope it holds up against bird poop and dead bugs?

The CT better have a “Car wash” mode or an ability to detect car wash locations based on GPS data or crowd sourcing where other tesla owners switch to “Car Wash” mode. That would be a nice touch!

lbowroom | 2020年5月27日

"lets hope it holds up against bird poop and dead bugs?"

let's hope? what's that even supposed to mean? You have a similar troll style to Mabuck. So great to have you on board.

FISHEV | 2020年5月27日

Leno and Musk and the CyberTruck look like a remake of "Damnation Alley" with the 1977 Cybertruck...err....LandMaster.

Musk had a huge joke played on him by designers and he still hasn't got it.

And what is with Leno and the literally looking down his nose at everybody and everything, does he have a neck problem.

Back to the future...well at least 1977 for Tesla.