Reservation at store at 10AM PST, but car shown at 7PM??

Reservation at store at 10AM PST, but car shown at 7PM??

Hello folks,

Please help me to understand.
I read that Tesla stores will start taking reservations on March 31st, 10AM PST.
But I understand the actual event where car will be unveiled in Cali happens only at 7PM PST on March 31st.

So either we will be ordering a car we still can't see how it looks like or they would be showing us the rendering in the store at 10AM PST?
I hope it is the former, because it is pretty tough (and weird) to order and buy something you haven't seen how it looks like. I also need to select colors and it really depends on how the design looks like.

Am I the only one who thought about this? :-)

By the way, I will be monitoring the line starting at 10PM on March 30th. As soon as I see people lining up, I will have my sleeping bag, coffee and snacks ready for the night. That said, the idea to give the priority to Model S owners I think it is a very unfair, unnecessary and bad one. Pretty much I calculate that a ton of Model S owners will order the "3" for the kids, wife, maid, etc. Then add at least about 10,000 employees who will order as well. I don't think in the end I will qualify to get the EV credits like that. Knowing how the auto industry works, it can be well 3-4 years until I get mine.

papa.marco | 2016年3月20日

So far about 65,000 Model S, X and roadster have been sold in the USA. Reports are that most if the 15,000 employees are ordering sight unseen. Let's say that adds 10,000 USA orders. Of those 65,000 USA owners I assume a 25% return is quite possible' adding another say 15,000 units before non-owners can get tour reservations honored. That means that there will be 110,000 non-owners that will qualify for the full $7,500 credit before the 200,000 limit is reached. The another 6 months will full credit. Everyone ordering on 31st will get full federal credit.

Tâm | 2016年3月20日


That's not unheard of in Tesla.

Buying by faith but at least with refundable deposits so you can get a full refund at any time.

No one is supposed to know what Model ≡ looks like until the unveiling.

If you have a chance, please fill in your reservation plan at google spreadsheet:


Ankit Mishra | 2016年3月20日

You can't choose colours until you are invited to configure your car. That will happen in late 2017 or afterwards depending on your reservation number. You will only reserve a "Model 3". You are only ensuring a place in line. You should reserve your car and then cancel it if you don't like it after the reveal. Be sure to ask that deposit is refundable or not.

Tâm | 2016年3月21日

@Ankit Mishra

Thanks for the clarification.

It's not a "buying" but a refundable deposit.

You'll receive an agreement saying "non-binding" which either you or Tesla can cancel the deposit at anytime for no reason and no parties shall incur any loss.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年3月21日

My presumption is that going forward, at least 40% of Model S sales, and 60% of Model X sales, will be to US Customers. Thus, if those cars are each manufactured at 1,000 units per week this year and next, it would add 100,000 units of Generation II vehicles alone to the US market before the end of 2017. If Model ≡ begins Production at 2,000 units per week, and steadily grows from there, starting late Q3 2017, or early Q4 2017, then the 200,000 unit mark will be reached in Q1 2018.

PhillyGal | 2016年3月21日

@Marlon - You are correct that reservations are being taken sight unseen. Tesla won't show a picture in all likelihood, so their unveiling event will be huge. Because the deposit is $1,000 (rather than $2500) and refundable, it's not all that risky to order before the event. If getting the tax credit is a concern, which it should be, getting in line to order ASAP is the right move. Good luck!

jordanrichard | 2016年3月21日

Marlon, keep in mind you are not the only to do this, but a reservation deposit and "ordering/buying" are 2 completely different things. Absolute worse case scenario, you give Tesla $1000 at 10 am, come 8:30 PM you don't like what you see/hear, request a refund.

diegoPasadena | 2016年3月21日

I am going from buying a Model S without having driven it (because there were none at the stores yet) to buying a Model 3 with out even having seen it. Many early adopters did the latter - sometimes years ahead of the first sketch of the Model S or the Model X. This is a reflection of our trust in this company.
Well, actually: We're not really buying - we're reserving a place in line to buy. They're clear in the reservation agreement about this. They're so careful as to give you the *option* to apply "the reservation payment to the order payment." This makes it clear, that the deposit is for nothing else but a place in line. Then, when it's your turn, the deposit frees up, and you can have it back or apply it to the purchase.

Tropopause | 2016年3月21日

Go for it Marlon! You have nothing to lose.

TaoJones | 2016年3月21日

Agreed that the full fed tax credit threshold will be close. Either Q4 2017 or Q1 2018. It will then halve for 2 quarters thereafter.

I figure 100,000 reservations by cob 4/1. So in addition to having a shot at the tax credit, signing up on day 1 really seems to be the only way, short of buying an inventory M3, of taking delivery of a new M3 in calendar 2018 at all.

Rocky_H | 2016年3月22日

@Red Sage, You still sticking to your prediction that they are actual pre-orders, rather than reservations, as you said in January? Still time to backtrack on that. :)

Tesla-David | 2016年3月22日

I reserved my Model S in 2010 sight unseen with $5,000 deposit, and January 2013 delivery, so I am not concerned about reserving Model ≡ @ $1,000 sight unseen, as it is entirely refundable.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年3月22日

Rocky_H: Meh. Nothing to backtrack on at all. Elon's tweet said 'preorders'. I have already conceded that most consider the terms 'deposit', 'reservation', and 'preorder' to be interchangeable. I don't, however. Words mean things, and stuff. Individuals may indeed make reservations for single cars... But fleet sales/leasing firms, municipalities, rental agencies, and taxi/livery companies may well place preorders in bulk.

Hi_Tech | 2016年3月23日

Looks like the reservations begin at 10am local time on the 31st.
I read the article on Teslarati today and called my local service/sales center in MA this morning (half hour ago) to confirm. Guess I take the first half of the work day off, instead of the second half. :)

Haggy | 2016年3月23日

Yes, the original email said 10 am PST, but a more recent one corrected it to 10 am PDT. So it's 10 am local time in California.

Hi_Tech | 2016年3月24日

No, it's 10am local time anywhere! Basically, when your sales office opens.
I live in MA, and called our Dedham office. They said they will take orders from 10am EDT onwards... when they open.

Haggy | 2016年3月24日

That's a change from what was said earlier, but it's a moot point since they are also now saying that there will be a separate queue for each region. So ordering in MA won't give a leg up by being three hours earlier than CA.