I hope paddle shifters for dynamic regen make it to the Model 3

I hope paddle shifters for dynamic regen make it to the Model 3

This is one of those features which at first impression seems strange but once you've tried you'll never want an electric car without it. Volkswagen e-Golf has it on the stick and the new Hyundai Ioniq Elecric has it. You can have full regen or you can glide, and anywhere in between. You can attack a corner with full regen then flip down to lighter regen and come out into a regen-free glide. You can toggle regen down for coast mode or upshift for more regen. The control is yours and it complements one-pedal driving.

carlk | 2016年3月25日

Please not again!

Son of a Gunn | 2016年3月25日

@carlk no offense I'm not sure how old you are but I think there's a generational gap when it comes to paddle-shifters. Have you ever had a sports car with them?

There's a YouTube video of a Hyundai IONIQ Electric with the driver using paddle shifters for regen shifting. I cannot wait to test drive that car and will seriously consider it if the fun factor is that much better.

dd.micsol | 2016年3月25日

My Porsche has that. I'm not that crazy about it. I prefer just an accelerator and brake. Keep my hands on the wheel.

dd.micsol | 2016年3月25日

Meaning if I take my fingers off the wheel I don't feel as in control of the car. Race it at limerock.

carlk | 2016年3月25日

@Son of a Gunn

Not sure what you mean by generation gap. You are too old or I am? Either way we all have been young and we all are going to get old, hopefully.

Simple and elegant one pedal driving is one of the best features of the Model S and you want Tesla to go with the lowest denominator because a very few could not do it right or some menial car has it? I think you should take a rest and not get what you wished for. BTW I'm trading in my Porsche Cayman S with stick shift, which is even more engaging than the pedal shift, when we go pick up wife's X. The S's single pedal driving experience is way better than Porsche's there is no way I would want to go back to that.


Totally agree. It's silly to want to go back to where you can't hold steering wheel with both hands when making that sharp turn or for that matter anytime when you're driving. BTW do you own a Tesla car? The one pedal driving with regen brake is way better than using accelerator and brake as in an ICE with auto transmission with or without up/down shift.

SUN 2 DRV | 2016年3月25日

Carlk: +1

I completely agree with the beauty of the current one pedal driving.

But the OP got me thinking that the paddles might be used to control the degree of regen in a way similar to the existing options on the controls screen. In other words the accelerator pedal (linear function) and the paddles (step function) are BOTH factors in calculating the desired regen?????

Son of a Gunn | 2016年3月25日

@carl, what regen setting do you like to use? Standard or Low?

Son of a Gunn | 2016年3月25日

@SUN2DRV, thanks for getting it. The Model S has two regen settings, and I switch depending on my scenario. If only there were a quicker way to switch b/w Low and Standard, one you could do in an instant without taking eyes off the road. Imagine if there were more degrees beyond Low and Standard. | 2016年3月25日

I would love to see some data on the net impact of switching regen on the fly.

I just can't see that its going to make a meaningful difference over setting high and doing 1 pedal driving. If someone has some data in real world driving situations that shows this making a meaningful difference, I would love to see it.

Son of a Gunn | 2016年3月25日, are you on the High setting permanently or do you ever set it to Low?

mclary | 2016年3月25日

Stupid idea!

What is the point to your post again?


jbunn | 2016年3月26日

Thank you mclary!

Son of a Gunn | 2016年3月26日

Thanking the court jester, now that's a valuable contribution!

Dwdnjck@ca | 2016年3月26日

Congratulations Mclary! You really nailed him this time.

Chunky Jr. | 2016年3月26日

This seems like a classic case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Why add complexity and cost when there is a way to control regen with the accelerator?

clayton.a.phillips | 2016年3月26日

I don't own a Tesla (getting a Model 3) but I would like the ability to change regen on the fly. Around town regen is great but when I'm coasting on the highway, I don't want to slow down that much every time I take my foot off the accelerator

Chunky Jr. | 2016年3月26日

@clayton : you usually don't take your foot off the accelerator - you apply varying amounts of pressure to get the effect you want.

logicalthinker | 2016年3月26日

you know the **actual** issue with paddle shifters? The press.

And why the press? They are stupid.

They will report that Tesla copied GM (because GM put paddle shifters on the electric Caddy ELR and the 2016 Volt).
So that would be negative press since Tesla innovates. Tesla leads, not follows.

So I would vote, for that SOLE reason, no paddle shifters.

logicalthinker | 2016年3月26日

"paddle shifters" as in, paddle regenerative braking

Red Sage ca us | 2016年3月26日

Sir? Your ELR is waiting...