Full Hatchback Trunk Opening

Full Hatchback Trunk Opening

Good day
I hope that by the time the Model 3 will be in production or by the time of second unveiling part that trunk opening will be a full hatchback or that at least we could have the option to have a full hatchback opening similar to the Model S and not what seems to be a limited rear trunk access.

andrew.zanella | 2016年4月4日

Not me. I am happy with a trunk (2 trunks actually) and fold-down back seats. Tesla, you have a great design, don't change the M3! For those wanting a hatch, wait for the next version.

dd.micsol | 2016年4月4日

It's possible that this feature will be in the second/suv type model 3-If you want to wait in back of the line-that's your decision. I'm not complaining about no hatchback. I put my bike on top of the car and everything else will fit just fine that I need to lug around-including my dog. If everything I need to haul fits in my prius it will fit in a mdl 3.
But these are my needs. To each their own.

FelixMendeldog | 2016年4月4日

Hatch would have been better but it's not happening; read Elon’s tweets.

KP in NPT | 2016年4月4日

Wait for the Y. The 3 is a sedan.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年4月4日

My guess is that the 'full hatchback' will take place with a Model ☰ Crossover/Wagon. Something to battle the BMW 3-Series Wagon and GT variants. I personally hope there is a Model ☰ Coupe with Falcon Wing Doors and a Liftback... | 2016年4月4日

@dd and @Red: +1. The crossover version will take care of the hatchback requirement. | 2016年4月4日

@Red: re: coupe. Nice idea but the market numbers favor a pickup truck, IMO.

stevenmaifert | 2016年4月4日

Not to worry. Tesla will make sure M3 has at least as much storage capacity as a similarly sized ICE car and the trunk will have a rear seat fold down pass thru. How else are you going to get a 7 foot surfboard in there :)

bjdraw | 2016年4月4日

I also wanted a hatch, but completely understand that more people would appreciate rear headroom and a better looking roof line, then the utility of a hatch.

Kadreal | 2016年4月4日

For the first Model 3, they could either have a comfortable amount of head room in the back seats, or a hatch. I'm glad they decided to go with the head room since I transport people more then large objects.

They could have redesigned the backend at a cost to drag and thus less range. But that will probably be the path they take with the Y anyways.

paul | 2016年4月4日

I'm one of those who hoped and expected the Model 3 would be a hatch. I would argue that a hatch offers the most flexibility. Model S for example--it looks like a sedan but has the flexibility of a hatch. I'm waiting for more information and in the meantime I'm keeping my reservation. I would definitely have bought a Model 3 if it had been a hatch; now I'm undecided. Yes, another Model 3 version is likely to have a hatch, but waiting for that one could double my wait.

biggestfan | 2016年4月4日

Elon did say that it wouldn't be a hatchback, but I did see a tweet that made it sound like they might be trying to make the trunk opening wider and taller.

See...everybody wins!!!

sridharaemalla | 2016年4月4日

Elon confirmed in his tweet that Model 3 is NOT going to have hatch.

cquail | 2016年4月4日

See the thread entitled "The automated trunk".

FREE ENERGY | 2016年4月4日

No hatch, I'm out, period ! It's useless ! Biggestfan, Copy that tweet please :-) if taller, hmmmmmm.

carlk | 2016年4月4日

Make sure you cancel the reservation so you can get your $1000 back and the next person will move one space ahead. Thank you.

inconel | 2016年4月4日

Just wait for Model Y. It might even have the FWD based on a tweet from EM some time ago.

bcld | 2016年4月5日

Hatch Please.....

bernard.holbrook | 2016年4月7日

I wanted a hatch as well. I'll likely still buy the 3 if nothing better comes along. I figure from how early I ordered (in store, first day) and where I am (Central Canada) that I should get mine end of 2018.

One can buy the 3 and sell it when the "y" is released; that looks like what I'll be doing.

Tropopause | 2016年4月7日

All you hatch lovers do realize that having a hatch means adults can't fit in the rear seats, right?

elkelley | 2016年4月7日

I also really want a hatchback option too!!! I think it would have more room than just a trunk. I have just experienced my first hatchback with my Toyota Prius C and I really don't want to go back to a trunk. I'll take the Model ☰ no matter what they decide to do for options, but it's just better to have more options to appeal to a wider audience.

MarlonBrown | 2016年4月7日

No hatch please. I like sedans. Better headroom for a car this size and Elon said it wont change it. You might want to wait gor the xover version.

FREE ENERGY | 2016年4月8日

Optional ?

kzodz | 2016年4月8日

I'd also prefer a hatch, but could like with a trunk. Just make the opening BIGGER! I already have a Fiat Convertible with a tiny opening. Even the Fiat has great storage room, but extremely hard to access it! I often open the roof and get large items in/out that way!

cheekedave | 2016年4月8日

I don't want a hatch at all. Or no trunk at all, I dont care.

dd.micsol | 2016年4月8日

No falcon wing door on model 3 please. That will cause all kinds of delays. It's the main delay of model X.
I'd prefer butterfly doors, but that's not practical. Hatchback will be Y or second suv model 3.

FREE ENERGY | 2016年4月9日

Model S is also a sedan

malcolm.hall1932 | 2016年4月9日

First priority, optimise schedule and quality. Don't get distracted by noise!!

biggestfan | 2016年4月9日

I have a Pontiac Sunfire that I have kept as a backup car. You know in case my Infiniti G37S breaks down or for some reason I couldn't afford the payments. It is a coupe. Really considered a sedan, but the trunk in it opens pretty wide which has been nice.

I am just glad that they are looking at opening the access a bit. I would think they could probably come forward a bit with the trunk opening without affecting the headroom for the passengers. Would likely make the rear glass a little smaller, but you really can't see below the rear headrests from the front anyway and as I previously are just giving everyone a view of what you have in your trunk that way. Course I have only seen pictures and videos, I didn't actually see the car.

I do love the way the Model 3 looks though and the shape as well. I think it is awesome that Tesla listens to feedback from their customers. Honestly, with production being roughly 18 months out, they do have time to make some changes. It is not like they are producing them now.

michael.dudley | 2016年4月9日

Tropopause, not sure what you mean. I'm over 6ft and I can have another six footer behind me in my current GTI. And because it's a hatch I have thrown all sorts of stuff in it: an 8ft ladder, a partially disassembled futon, bookshelves. All stuff that wouldn't fit in a similar car with a trunk and folding seats. They might have similar volume, but trying to thread objects through the smaller trunk opening and then through the rear seat opening really limits what can fit.

I am disappointed that the 3 isn't a hatch like the S. And the Y, if it is a crossover isn't really an acceptable substitute. Crossovers are taller with higher centers of gravity which impacts driving dynamics. Maybe lack of a hatch is a compromise I can live with for better handling, but since we haven't actually seen the trunks it is only speculation.

biggestfan | 2016年4月9日

I once fit 8 bundles of hardwood flooring in my Sunfire. Had no other passengers but me, but it could be done.

FREE ENERGY | 2016年4月9日

And what is the most practical solution, a crack in the wall ? You Americans, try for once, to think "out of the box"...or should I say the crack :-)

cephellow | 2016年4月9日

"Us" Americans (and a South African/American wow, Elon is African American!) is making this here Tesla, and spaceships and such. Booyah!

cephellow | 2016年4月9日

BTW, my first car was a '71 SAAB 99 w fuel injection, freewheeling and a trunk, not a hatch.

Tstolz | 2016年4月9日

Elon mentioned that a full hatch opening would interfere with headroom, and a partial hatch would interfere with rear visibility ... and no hatch reduces the utility of the trunk. Seems a compromise must be made ... so really it's just a judgement call.

I'd be fine with a half hatch and reduced visibility personally. I have a MS and I use the backup camera anyway ... way better visibility using the camera IMHO.

ram1901 | 2016年4月9日

The day this was posted I started watching as BMW 3's, Audi A4's, Hyundai Sonata's, VW Jetta's, even mid size Chevy Malibu's drove past me and could not help but notice that the TRUNK opening on all of these small and mid-size sedans was either smaller than or equal to the trunk opening on the unveiled Tesla Model 3.

Bottom line, the model 3, like so many of the sedans that it will replace for many car buyers in the future has no less of a trunk opening than it's future competitors and, in fact, may actually have a better... taller trunk opening as well as a deeper trunk well than the others.

It's a sedan, not a hatchback. Perhaps the Model Y, as mentioned above, will satisfy those who seem to always have some complaint about what Tesla designs.

One of the reasons I chose the Model S was it's practicality. That rear hatch, with those perfectly designed fold down rear seats, makes it an extremely beautiful and yet practical sedan. But before owning the S, I've owned VW Jetta's and Passat's with a trunk opening similar to the one on the Model 3 ... and never thought twice about it.

So for all those giving thumbs down to the Model 3 trunk .. take a look at those BMW and Audi sedans that the Model 3 will most assuredly be replacing and realize that this car is not only more beautiful but also better in every way than those old-tech ice vehicles.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年4月9日

Visibility, Comfort, Safety, Utility, Styling, Aerodynamics... I believe Tesla Motors was doing their best to balance all of these within the form factor they chose. I expect they did a good job, no matter my disappointment with the lack of a liftback. The use of a trunk, given all these parameters, is acceptable for a Sedan. Though it would be nice if a Model ☰ Coupe managed to have Falcon Wing Doors, and a Liftback, even if that meant it became a 2+2 instead of a five-seater.

ram1901: +1! Exactly.

JeffreyR | 2016年4月10日

I imagine that the Model Y (Model X's cousin) will be like the BMW X3:

I bet it will have the interior room of an X5 though since it does not have all that ICE stuff to get in the way.

malcolm.hall1932 | 2016年4月10日

Schedule and quality is the priority. Hatch backs must wait.

FREE ENERGY | 2016年4月10日

Ram, spot on :-)

sp_tesla | 2016年4月10日

Tstolz | April 9, 2016
"Elon mentioned that a partial hatch would interfere with rear visibility ..."

Why did he approve the 2nd & 3rd row seats headrest that block rear view in 1st place?

deeageux | 2016年4月10日

Model S is not a hatchback but liftback sedan. On a larger car you can have good aerodynamics, good rear seat headroom and a liftback for excellent cargo capability. .

Hachbacks like the VW GTI have poor aerodynamics and kill range. This is why Chevy needs a 60 kWh battery pack to get 200 miles of range on a subcompact car.

On a compact vehicle you can have two of three; good aerodynamics, good rear seat headroom, or liftback 5th door but not all three.

Tesla chose wisely with good rear seat headroom and excellent aerodynamics.

Two years after Model 3 introduction Tesla will introduce Model Y with poorer aerodynamics but bigger base battery with better energy density giving at least 215 miles of EPA range.

godsdrummer1948 | 2016年4月18日

Boy! Somebody on this thread said that he thinks he would get his M3 at the end of 2018? That's a LONG time from now! I hope he's wrong.

ColoDriver | 2016年4月19日


I think Tesla didn't choose wisely base on MY usage patterns. I haul stuff much more often than I haul people. In the last year I've moved a dishwasher, a stove, lumber and other stuff, but in the last 10 years there have only been 4 people in my car once. So for me a hatchback is more useful than rear headroom. That's not true for everybody and I appreciate that. A car is nothing but a collection of grey areas on wheels.

I've lived with a trunk before and it was acceptable, but my current wagon is much more versatile. If the Model Y is announced soon enough, maybe I'll wait. But until then, I'll keep my reservation and wait and see how big the actual trunk, opening and pass through turn out to be. Nothing to do but wait and see.

mos6507 | 2016年4月19日

"Model S is not a hatchback but liftback sedan."

You're splitting hairs. Liftback vs. Hatchback--it's basically the same as far as usability.

FREE ENERGY | 2016年4月19日

Elon will fix the trunk crack design fail....

DTsea | 2016年4月19日

mos6507, the difference is a liftback doesnt have the squared off back of a hatch, which (the liftback) is much better aerodynamically (and aesthetically).

miguelcampeau | 2016年8月28日

Anyone have an idea how the trunk opening will get widened?

dsvick | 2016年8月28日

Nope, no one that doesn't work for Tesla has seen it. We'll need to wait until they release more info.

tstolz | 2016年8月28日

They may only be able to tweak the opening to make it bigger. My bet is there will be a hatch on the SUV version and not on the sedan. This isn't a problem for any other make .. so don't be surprised if Tesla goes that way too. I love hatches btw!