You Guys will be good to GO !!!

You Guys will be good to GO !!!

Looks like the Tax thing has been all thought out. Elon tweeted that he had it figured out.

PhillyGal | 2016年4月5日

@aarnold - I suggest changing the title of your thread. The link you provided is an excellent find - a really great article about the phase out of the tax credit - and I don't want it to be missed.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年4月5日

Everybody needs a chance to BUMPITY BUMP BE BUMP and then you get to see what this post maybe about...

andrew.zanella | 2016年4月5日

Great article, thanks for posting. Hopefully everyone gets a chance to read this.

grashelm | 2016年4月6日

Good article for those who are trying to get a handle on how the tax credit might play out down the road.

PBEndo | 2016年4月6日

Master Plan
1. Appear to produce Model ≡ slowly, even after production ramps up..
2. Stockpile thousands of Model ≡ in Gigafactory basement.
3. Deliver 200,000th car at start of a quarter.
4. Flood the market with the stockpiled M≡'s before the end of the following quarter.
5. Profit!

Morlandoemtp061383 | 2016年4月7日

Their are over 300k of us who ordered we have a strong presence, if we unite behind our leader(In Musk we trust) we can get our government to extend the credit, because other manufacturers haven't made significant efforts in expanding this technology for our country.

EQC | 2016年4月7日

I don't think the tax credit should be extended for Tesla, but I think it could be much better structured.

As it is now, there is a ~200,000 limit for each manufacturer. Basically, that rewards the early manufacturers, but then punishes them later when they are out of tax-credit eligibility and other manufacturers ramp up.

Instead, the government assumes there are about 5 manufacturers of EV's, the credit should simply go to the first 1,000,000 electric cars. Period. Manufacturers who are late to the game will be out of luck. Maximum reward for the early ones.

jamilworm | 2016年4月7日

I think the point of that "per manufacturer" rule was to encourage as many manufacturers as possible to enter the EV game. They don't want Priuses to take all the credits and then all the other auto manufacturers just give up on hybrid/EV development.